How Important Is Timing For The Gender Of Your Baby?

By: Sandy Dean:  I would say that of all of the variables that couples use to choose the gender of their baby, timing is the most well known and the topic that you hear about the most.  Many people are already aware of their timing when they are thinking about conception.  Because most of us know that there is only a very short window of time during the month when a woman can become pregnant.  (The window can be a little bigger if the couple does not care about their baby’s gender.  However, if they do have a certain gender in mind, the window gets a little smaller, as you have to be more specific about your timing.)

Even though most people are vaguely aware of the importance of timing, they often aren’t sure exactly how it works and how vital a part of the plan it really is.  Someone might ask questions like these: “I am aware that timing is important when you want to control your baby’s gender.  I know that you want to try to conceive early for a girl and late for a boy.  But how important is all of this?  How specific do you have to be?  How much does it matter?”

Well, how much it matters depends upon how important your baby’s gender is to you.  Some people might prefer one gender, but ultimately not care all that much. And others may make it their goal in life to get a daughter or son.  There are three variables that have been identified as having influence over baby gender: timing, where the sperm is deposited in relationship to the cervix (sexual positions;) and the woman’s PH.  Each variable has an important part to play as each variable means that more of your desired gender’s sperm chromosomes might make it to the egg.

Here is an example of what I am talking about.  Let’s say that you want a boy baby.  The ideal timing for this is after ovulation has occurred.  So let’s say that you use a good ovulation predictor and have sex after you are absolutely sure of ovulation.  By doing this, you’ve made sure that more of the boy producing or Y sperm are going to make it the egg.  This increases your chances of getting a son. Taking things a step further, if you use deep penetration when having sex, you give even more of the Y sperm a boost, by giving them less distance to travel.  This increases your odds even more.  Finally, if the woman has an alkaline PH, this helps even more because this environment is friendly to boy sperm.  (These procedures are reversed for a girl baby.)

As you can see, ALL of these variables are important and ALL of them increase your odds of getting your desired gender.  But of all of them, I would agree that timing is the most important, simply because if you miss the timing and you completely forego your fertility window, you won’t get pregnant with either gender.  But all of the variables should be maximized to give you the best chance of success.

This article has focused mostly on timing.  But the two other variables are also very important.  You also want to pay attention to very deliberate sexual positions  as well as the woman’s PH, which can and should be measured.  I’ve put together a few websites that explain all of the variables step by step. If you want a boy baby, check out If you want a girl, see

Can Having Sex Or Eating Spicy Food Before An Ovulation Test Affect Or Alter The Results? What Things Can Affect The Results?

By: Sandy Dean:  Many people who reach out to me have already done some research on their own and they know that in order to become pregnant with the gender of their choice, they need to know precisely when they ovulate. So some will start testing mid-way through their menstrual cycle and then are surprised when they don’t get a positive reading right away.

Many wonder about the types of things that might affect their test result.  Some suspect that their diet might be at play.  Others wonder if having sex right before you take the ovulation test might turn a positive into a negative or a negative into a positive.

Someone might say: “I am having cramps mid way between my cycle and I am always very regular.  So I am pretty sure that I have to be ovulating.  However, when I test myself, I keep getting a negative.  Granted, I had sex right before I tested and I ate spicy food the night before.  Could either of these things have affected my results?  Is there anything that could mess up your results?”

I am not a doctor, so please ask yours if you have any questions at all about your contraceptive health. Ovulation tests detect an LH surge which is a type of hormone that is released when ovulation is about to occur.  A man’s semen does not contain LH, nor do any bodily fluids or secretions that occur during sex.  So no, sex should not have any affect whatsoever on your results.  Having sex should not affect what is going on inside of your body.

Also, spicy food has no way to influence the release of LH or its surge.  So your diet should not matter, either.  There ARE a few things that can interfere with your results.  If you’ve just recently stopped hormonal contraceptives (like birth control pills) your body may have not yet resumed to a normal cycle, but that does not appear to be the case here.  Also, some injections given for infertility (like Clomid®, Serophene®, Pergonal®,  or Danocrine®) can affect your results.  But if you are taking these injections, you are likely under the care of a doctor and he could certainly address this concern.

If you’ve not taken injectable drugs and you have been off contraceptives for months, it could very well be that you are going to ovulate later in your cycle OR you didn’t start testing early enough.  Although some women ovulate mid-way through their cycle, certainly not all women do.  Some women ovulate earlier than mid-way, others ovulate later, and still others vary depending on the month.

I understand that sometimes you only get 5-7 tests in those little kits, but for many women, this isn’t enough.  That’s why it sometimes makes sense to get the reusable saliva kits that you can use every day without worrying about running out.  You simply rinse them off when you are done testing and then you are free to test again the next day.   (Here’s an example on Ebay.) But not seeing a positive LH yet likely means that it hasn’t happened yet or you missed it.  If you keep testing and you still see no LH surge and you aren’t taking any of the drugs that can affect ovulation, then I’d suggest approaching your doctor.  But an easy approach right now is to keep testing and see what happens, especially for the next few months.

It’s great that your paying such astute attention to your timing. But you also want to focus on your vaginal PH and the deliberate sexual positions that you use.  I’ve put together a few websites that explain all of the variables step by step. If you want a boy baby, check out If you want a girl, see

I Want A Boy Baby. When Is A Good Time For The Y Sperm To Be Released?

By: Sandy Dean: I often hear from women who are trying to plan every aspect of their pregnancy. They want to be able to control when they get pregnant, how they get pregnant, and which gender they get pregnant with. Many people have a general idea that the Y sperm will give you a boy baby while the X sperm will give you a girl. To this end, many will want to know how to make sure that they are able to have access to the desired type of sperm when it is time to try to conceive.

I might hear from someone who says: “I want a boy baby. I would like to conceive this month. So when would be a good day for the Y sperm to be released? What time of the month do men release the Y sperm?”

I have what I think might be good news for you. Every time a man has sex and ejaculates, he releases Y sperm. That is the good news. You don’t have to wait for a certain time of the day or a certain time of the month in terms of his sperm make up. He is able to provide Y sperm at any time.

But, you might consider it bad news to know that he is also able to produce X sperm at any time also.  That’s because he produces equal amounts of both types of sperm.  And, he can not control this. Anytime he ejaculates and releases sperm, he is releasing equal amounts of X and Y. This is automatic.

So there is no specific day which might be better in regards to his contribution of your baby’s gender. But the good news is that there are specific days that might be better for you. Here is why. When you want a boy baby, you need for the Y sperm to be present in large numbers and to have the most friendly environment as is possible. One way to make this happen is to have sex after you ovulate. Because the Y sperm live for less time than the X’s, you want to make sure that you don’t introduce them until the egg is ready. The way to do this is to have sex after you get a positive ovulation reading, which tells you that the egg is ready.  You have absolute control over this.  All that it requires is a little planning.

Another thing you want to do is make sure that your vaginal tract is alkaline. This is a friendly environment to the Y sperm and therefore it encourages boy babies. You can do this by diet or by douching. But it is the woman’s diet that counts here because it is the woman’s body that needs to be alkaline. People often assume that the man’s diet matters. But in terms of baby gender, it doesn’t. While a man should be healthy (and have a sufficient diet) in order to have healthy sperm, he releases both X and Y anyway regardless of his diet.

So the Y sperm can be produced on any day. But the day most favorable to the Y sperm in terms of conceiving a boy is when the woman has already ovulated and is also alkaline. This is what will give the Y sperm the best chance of success. Because those Y’s will have to beat out the X sperm in terms of conception. Otherwise, you may get a girl baby. But it only takes one Y sperm to be successful and to get a boy.

My suggestion would be to find out your ovulation time table as well as your vaginal PH.  I would do this as soon as possible. This will give you information as to when might be the best time for you to get a boy.  If you’d like more specific information on what to do in order to get the gender of you choice and when, I’ve put together a few websites that explain it step by step. If you want a boy baby, check out If you want a girl, see

How To Determine The Perfect Day To Get Pregnant With The Baby Gender You Want

By: Sandy Dean:  Once you’ve made the big decision to try to conceive (and to do so in a deliberate way in order to get a certain gender) the next decision you’ll often try to make is which day is “the day” that you’re going to attempt to get pregnant.

Many people place a lot of importance on choosing this day.  And many focus on things other than on the science behind it.  They want the day to have some significance.  Maybe they will look for a day where the sun is shining outside and when the weather is particularly beautiful.  Maybe they will wait for a special occasion like an anniversary.  Perhaps they will wait until astrology or numerology tells them that it’s the perfect time to bring a baby into the world.  Or, they think that it is a mind blowing love making experience that is the perfect day to become pregnant.

All of these thoughts are nice.  And I agree that conceiving a child is a very special time.  You hope that by choosing the right day at the perfect time, you increase your chances of having everything fall into place.  You’re hoping for the successful conception, a healthy pregnancy, and a happy family.

And there is nothing wrong with that.  It’s normal to want that.  But, when it comes right down to it. Conception is about science.  And getting the gender of your choice is especially about science.  If your egg is ready to be fertilized and your partner’s sperm successfully fertilizes it, then that will be the day of your pregnancy regardless of whether it’s raining outside, whether its your anniversary,  whether it’s a full moon, or whether or not the sex was all that great.

Likewise, you could have the most perfect day imaginable and have mind blowing sex, but if you are not ovulating or the sperm does not make it to the egg, a pregnancy is not going to occur.

If you truly want to be able to choose your baby’s gender and get pregnant quickly, then you need to redefine “the perfect day.”  In terms of the science behind things, the perfect day is actually when you are at the point in your ovulation cycle that is optimal for the gender that you want, when your PH is the optimal level for the gender that you want, and when your partner or spouse is available to make this happen.

I got pregnant with my son on a very imperfect week because I had worked about 20 hours worth of overtime.  I was so tired that frankly, the sex wasn’t all that wonderful.  But I knew that the timing was right and I had been very careful about checking my PH.  It was scientifically perfect, however, because I knew that all of the variables were there.

Want to know how to put all of the pieces of the puzzle together at precisely the right time?  I’ve put together a couple of websites to help. If you want a girl baby, see If you want a boy, check out

Can A Man Make His Sperm Conceive A Boy Or Girl Baby? Can He Influence Whether He’s Producing Girl Or Boy Sperm?

By: Sandy Dean: I sometimes hear from women who are either with a man who has had many children of one gender or the woman is in that same situation herself.  For example, the woman may have conceived all daughters or she has recently married a man with all sons.  Often, the couple are trying to reverse that trend and get a baby of a new gender.  And they are often wondering if the man has any control over which sperm chromosomes he will produce during this process.

I heard from a woman who said: “I had three boys with my previous husband.  I am getting married to a man who also has two boys.  Needless to say, I want a girl baby with my new husband.  I have been very clear about this and my husband is telling me that he can control his sperm.  I told him that this is crazy talk but he says that he can control what happens with his thinking and with his diet.  Can men control whether they are producing boy and girl sperm?  He is telling me that he will make sure that I get a girl baby this time and I know that he wants to please me.  But is this a promise that he can even make?  Is this even possible?”

I wish that I could tell you that this was true.  But I don’t believe that it is.  I will tell you why in the following article.

There Is Overwhelming Evidence That Men Have Equal Amounts Of Both Girl And Boy Producing Sperm Regardless Of The Gender They Have Previously Produced:

There have been studies where men who have produced several of one gender have been tested to determine their sperm production ratio.  Some expected to find that men who had only produced boys had more Y (boy producing) than X (girl producing) sperm. And, it would also be expected that fathers of nothing but daughters would have much higher amounts of X sperm.

But, this was not the case.  Instead, all of the men showed equal amounts of each type of sperm chromosome regardless of whether they had boys or girls.  I know that this is suprising to many, but this has been shown more than once.   So if we accept that the man in question very likely had equal amounts of X and Y sperm, he already had an equal chance of getting a girl baby, unless the woman or mother to be was influencing the outcome which I will discuss a little later.

Although There Are Things That Men Can Do To Increase Their Sperm Count, They Can’t Isolate The Sperm That They Are Increasing:

If you’ve spent any amount of time researching becoming pregnant, you’ve probably already read about how men can increase their sperm count to have a better chance of conceiving quickly.  But, although they can increase their sperm, they are also increasing both X and Y chromosome relatively equally.  And they aren’t increasing only the X’s and not the Y’s or vice versa.

Consider Looking At How The Mother To Be Might Be Contributing To Baby Gender:

Since the father to be’s sperm ratio appears to be set, it makes sense to look at how the woman or the mother to be is contributing.  It’s a common assumption that she doesn’t contribute at all, but I highly disagree with this.

Her timing, vaginal PH, and the sexual positions that she uses can all make one gender more likely than another.  For example, some things  can discourage the Y sperm which means that a girl baby is more likely.  Having a successful conception before ovulation, having an acidic vaginal PH, and using deep penetration without female orgasm would all help to weed out the Y sperm to increase the odds of getting a boy baby.

So if you are a female who is conceiving one gender over and over again, I would take a close look at your vaginal PH as well as your ovulation time as it relates to when you are having conception intercourse.

But to answer the question posed, while it’s reassuring to think that a man can think powerful thoughts or change his diet to get the gender of his choice, it’s not likely to happen because his ratio is going to be roughly 50 / 50 no matter what.  While there are things that he can do to increase his sperm count, these things will increase both X and Y sperm in equal ratios and this doesn’t change no matter what he does or thinks.  I wish it were different but science has shown that it isn’t.

The good news is that the woman often is able to control some variables as far as she is concerned.  So it makes sense to turn your attention there.

If this is still a bit confusing to you or you’re wondering where to start to influence your baby’s gender, I’ve put together a couple of web sites that breaks this down into small steps.  If you want a boy baby, check out

If you want a girl baby, check out

What Can My Husband Do To Make His Y Sperm Stronger?

By: Sandy Dean:  Wives who want boy babies are sometimes looking for methods that they can use to give those boy-producing sperm (or Y’s) an advantage.  Many know (or have read) the boy-producing sperm are weaker and more vulnerable than the X’s or girl-producing sperm.  So an obvious question is what you can do to strengthen them.

Someone might ask: “what can I do to make the boy or Y sperm stronger?  I’ve read that although the Y’s are faster, they are also weaker.  I really want a boy baby.  So what can I do to make them both strong and fast?”

Having Healthy, High Quality, Strong Sperm: Well, the fast part (having fast sperm) is already covered.  As for strength, there are things that men can do to make their sperm quality high so that their sperm is as “strong” as possible.  These things include: maintaining a healthy diet and weight; not smoking or drinking; cutting back on caffeine; lowering stress; getting enough sleep; checking the side effects of any medications; and limiting too tight underwear or time in saunas and hot tubs.

That said, ensuring healthy sperm means that both the X’s and the Y’s are going to be strong and healthy.  There is no way to isolate one sperm over another.  Anything that affects the Y’s is also going to affect the X’s.

Other Possibilities: The above might sound like bad news.  But know that there are things that you can do to help the odds of the Y’s and to decrease the odds of the X’s.  And most of it involves the mom-to-be rather than the dad.  For example, the woman who wants a boy baby can have sex to conceive after ovulation.  Why?  Because we already know that the Y sperm are weak and not living as long, so just having them sitting there prior to the egg’s release is not the optimal thing to do.  It’s better to know that the egg is ready (meaning ovulation has occurred) and to release the sperm only then.

Another thing that can be done is to make sure that the vaginal PH is alkaline.  If it is acidic, that’s detrimental to the already-weak Y sperm.  Also, use deep penetration to give them less space to travel.  These methods do, in a sense, strengthen the Y’s because it gives them the best chance for success.

Of course, you want to encourage your husband to have a healthy lifestyle and body to ensure a high sperm count and quality sperm.  But this means that both X and Y are healthy.  There is no way to isolate one over the other.  So it makes sense to do other things with the woman (where you can isolate some variables) in order to influence baby gender.

If you’d like instructions of what to do to get each baby gender and when, I’ve tried to make it easy to understand. I’ve put together a few websites which hopefully explain it pretty clearly. If you want a girl baby, see If you want a boy, check out

My Husband And I Are Newlyweds And Have Sex At Least Every Other Day. Which Gender Will We Get Pregnant With?

By: Sandy Dean: I hear from a good deal of newly married couples.  Many are considering starting their families.  And a lot of them believe that they already have the frequency of sex covered because, being newlyweds, it is their habit to have sex frequently.  Since many are still relatively young, most feel confident that they will be able to get pregnant.  What is less clear is what gender they will get when they do.

Someone might ask: “I have heard that you have to be deliberate with your sexual intercourse when you want to become pregnant.  But I think that this is for old married couples.  My husband and I are newlyweds and we are in our early twenties.  Because of this, we sometimes have sex every day.  This is just natural for us.  It is not because we are trying to become pregnant. It is just because we are really attracted to one another and like having sex. There are times when we get busy and we may have sex every other day, but that’s honestly the longest that we would go. So I don’t feel that we need to schedule anything because we are having plenty of sex.  Anyway, we are going to start trying to become pregnant soon and I would like a boy.  Does our schedule work for this?  Which gender is more likely if you have sex all the time?”

Honestly, people generally think that the more sex you have, the better – in terms of conception.  And this can be true if you don’t have a preference as to gender.  Each sexual encounter gives you a chance to become pregnant.  People think that the more sex you have, the better the odds.  This is only sort of true.  A woman can only get pregnant during her ovulation period.  So sex during other times of the month doesn’t really increase your chance of becoming pregnant. But the more sex that you have during your ovulation period, the better the chance of a pregnancy (although it only takes one sperm chromosome to fertilize the egg.  Theoretically, you only need one, but the sperm do have quite a long way to travel.)

It gets a little more tricky when you care about the gender that you get.  Earlier ovulation favors a girl baby.  Late ovulation favors a boy.  (There are other factors as well, which I’ll discuss a little later.)  If you are having sex without knowing when you ovulate and you are having it every day, you might have a slightly better chance of a girl, since early conception favors girl babies.  However, if you skip a day or are doing every other day and you don’t know when you ovulate, then it gets tricky.  Your “off” day could be ovulation while your “on” day might be the day of ovulation.  Depending on the time of day you ovulated and when you had sex, you could be conceiving after ovulation, which would favor a boy.  But this certainly leaves a lot to chance.

The bottom line is that if you have a gender preference, it’s better to be deliberate during your ovulation period.  Sex any time when you’re not trying to conceive is fine.  But you want to be deliberate about WHEN you are having sex during your ovulation window.  And you want to test yourself so that you know exactly when you ovulate.   That way, you can have intercourse accordingly to give you the best chance of getting what you want.

I know that this can be confusing, but there really is more than one variable to consider. You have to worry about timing, vaginal PH, and sexual positions.  And they all need to happen at the right time.   I’ve put together a couple of websites with step by step instructions to try to make this a step by step and easy process. If you want a boy baby, see  http://conceive-a-boy-baby.comIf you want a girl, see

Do You Need to Have Sex On Day 13 After My Period To Have A Boy Baby?

By: Sandy Dean:  People who are trying to conceive and who have a specific gender in mind are generally hoping that someone can give them a sort of road map on how to accomplish this.  Ideally, they’d really love to know the specific day that they can become pregnant with the baby of their choice.  And one thing that would make all of this much easier is knowing how to count the days from the beginning of your period.  After all, your menstrual period is a finite day that is pretty easy to pinpoint.  (The presence of blood can make it hard to miss.) There is really no guess work involved.  So having a number of days to count from that beginning point would be ideal.  The problem with this is that you hear any variation on the number of days from which you are supposed to count.

Someone might say: “I am trying to become pregnant with a boy baby.  My mother is telling me that if I want a boy, then I need to have sex on day thirteen after my period.  This would be easy to accomplish if it is true.  The thing is, my mom has two girls.  So I’m not sure if she knows what she is talking about.”

I have to say that this advice is a little suspect and I will tell you why.  Many women are told that when they want to become pregnant, they should just start having sex around day 14 of their cycle.  Now, this isn’t a number unique to anyone.  This is just a number that is thought to help women determine their ovulation period.  I can see why this advice is given.  People are thinking that a woman’s menstrual cycle from start to finish is roughly 28 days.  So if you find the mid point of that ( which would be about 14 days) this will give you a very rough and general estimate of about when ovulation should be occurring.

But here is the problem with this thinking.  Do you have a perfect 28 day cycle each and every month?  Do you know for sure that you ovulate at the mid point?  Because many women do not meet either of these criteria. I know I don’t.  The length of my menstrual cycle can vary for all sorts of reasons.  And by testing myself with an ovulation predictor, I know that I typically ovulate closer to day 20 than to day 14.  But I would not have known this if I had not tested.  And if I had tried to conceive on day 14, I would have been way too early.

Just for the sake of argument though, let’s say that your mom was right and that you would be approaching ovulation around day 14 (which is certainly no guarantee.)  For a boy baby, you want to intercourse AFTER ovulation.  Day 13 might be slightly before it, which would be more likely to give you a girl.

If you want to focus on your timing and you want a boy baby, the best thing you can do is to test yourself for ovulation.  To be safe, start about five days after your period and keep right on going until you get a positive reading.  Wanting a boy makes this process a little easier because you are pretty much given a green light once you get your positive reading.  The timing for a girl baby is a little trickier.

However, although this covers timing, there are other considerations.  Your PH is important too.  Ideally, you want to have an alkaline PH at the time that you are having intercourse after ovulation for a boy conception.  And you want to use the right sexual position, at the right time, with the right PH.

Not only does having sex on day 13 have you attempting this a little early if you’re figuring on ovulation half way through a 28 day cycle, but it doesn’t take PH or sexual positions into account.

I know that this can be confusing, but there really is more than one variable to consider.  And they all need to happen at the right time.   I’ve put together a couple of cheat sheets to try to make this a step-by-step and easy process. If you want a boy baby, see  http://conceive-a-boy-baby.comIf you want a girl, see

How Can A Man Help Conceive A Boy Baby? What About A Girl?

By: Sandy Dean: I sometimes hear from women who want to know that their boyfriend or husband needs to do to help them conceive a boy or girl baby. Occasionally, I hear from the men themselves who are trying to do everything in their power to help the woman they love get the baby gender of her choice. The truth is, there is plenty that a man can do to help conceive a boy or girl baby. But sometimes, his role is more of a supporting one, which might come as a surprise to you.

Here are a few examples.  Many people ask me what the man should be eating to achieve a certain sperm PH. Or they want to know if he should restrict himself in terms of food, exercise, or the clothing that he wears. The truth is, the PH of his sperm does not affect baby gender in the way that a woman’s PH does. Plus, men have a 50 / 50 ratio of Y to X sperm (boy and girl producing.) And this is typically true no matter what his family history is (in terms of baby gender) and no matter what makes up his diet.

There have been studies which show that even men who have had only boys or only girls still have these same ratios. I know that men can be desperate to help and are more than willing to tweak their diet or their lifestyle to help their partner get the gender that she wants. But this just isn’t necessary as it is vaginal PH (rather than sperm PH) that really matters.  With that said, there is definitely a part that a man can play, which I’ll discuss below.

Be Willing To Wait Until The Time Is Exactly Right To Have Sex: I know that it is very exciting when you are trying to conceive. When your wife or girlfriend gives you the green light that it’s time to make a baby, then it’s normal to want to get right to work and to let the fun begin. However, there is often a very good reason to wait. When you are trying to chose your baby’s gender, you often have a much smaller conception window than you would if you didn’t care about baby gender. Because if gender doesn’t matter, you can have sex anytime in the larger fertility window. But for a girl baby, you want to have sex only before ovulation. And for a boy, you want to only have sex after it. So there will only be a few ideal days for conception.  Some days will have to be passed up. Understand this and plan accordingly.

Know That You’ll Need To Invest In Some Tools And Do Some Detective Work: The biggest mistake that I see people make when they are trying to chose their baby’s gender at home is that they will assume that they know when they are ovulating without actually testing themselves. Or, they hope that they have the right PH without really knowing for sure. Guessing is the worst thing that you can do. Make sure your girlfriend or wife has a good ovulation predictor and PH tester and, more than that, make sure she uses it regularly and uses the applicable charts for both.

Understand That The Act Of Sex Many Not Be As Spontaneous As Usual: I know that it’s very romantic and exciting to think that when you have sex, you might be creating a baby. But it’s important that you decide on the sexual position that you will use ahead of time.  When you are not trying to conceive, being spontaneous with the timing of sex and the positions that you use is fine. But when you are trying to conceive, your sexual positions can matter a great deal. For a girl, you want to use shallow penetration. And for a boy, you need deep penetration. What positions that accomplish these things vary from couple to couple.

I know this might sound staged and planned (which isn’t as much fun,) but there’s a reason for this. Deep penetration helps the weaker boy producing sperm with the shorter shelf life. And shallow penetration is better for producing girl babies because it discourages those short lived Y’s (which contain boy producing sperm.)

I know that I’ve given you a lot to keep track of.  If it helps, I’ve put together a few websites that contain cheat sheets to take a lot of the guess work out of choosing your baby’s gender.   If you want a boy baby, check out

If you want a girl baby, check out

Is My Second Child More Likely To Be A Boy If I Already Had A Girl?

By: Sandy Dean: I sometimes hear from people, who, at least from a baby gender point of view, are looking for a little variety. They have already had one gender and they are looking for the opposite the next time that they are blessed with getting pregnant.

One example is the mom of a girl who now wants a boy. She might explain: “I am so in love with my baby girl. I have always wanted a daughter and I was so lucky to get that on my first try. But now I want for my husband to know the joy of having a son. And I know that in order to do right by all of our children, we can only afford to have two. So we really need to make the most of this next conception. I am hoping that since I’ve already had one girl, the universe will help me out and give me a son my second go round. I have been looking around at the park when I take my daughter to play and I’ve noticed that a lot of families have one of each. So is my second child more likely to be a boy since I’ve already had a girl? It seems to me that since the world has about equal amounts of each, the universe is pretty good at dividing them equally and I hope it does the same with my family.”

Well, it does work out that the genders are roughly even. And one reason that this happens is because the universe is designed so that a man’s sperm contains equal amounts of girl-producing sperm and boy-producing sperm. You get a boy if the Y or boy-producing sperm is the lucky winner to make it to the egg. And you get a girl if an X sperm chromosome makes it to the egg.

Since all things are theoretically equal, you would have a nearly equal chance of either gender as a result. But, think about this. Even in games of equal chance, the same outcome can happen over and over again. You can flip a coin and land on heads or tails twice in a row or even four times in a row. You can roll the same die twice in a row. It’s not always likely. But it certainly happens.

And unfortunately, the universe has no way to take into account which gender you’ve already gotten. You have the same equal amounts of X to Y each time you attempt to become pregnant.

This may sound a bit depressing when you’re trying to get a certain gender. It might make you feel a little better to know that although you can’t control the father – to – be’s sperm ratio, it is thought that you can control what happens to it once it enters the woman’s body – at least somewhat.

For example, women are who are acidic are said to have a better chance to have girl babies because the acidity is hostile to Y sperm. You can easily test your PH with PH strips. And you can try to change your PH if it’s not favorable to the gender of your choice through diet or douching. (The female having an orgasm also makes the PH less acidic But that is sometimes not enough to change the PH significantly.)

Also, the timing of intercourse and the positions used are said to influence your baby’s gender. So, while at first glance, you have the same chance to get either gender with your second pregnancy, you can try some things to increase the odds of getting the gender of your choice.

If you’d like step by step instructions of what to do for each gender and when, I’ve tried to make it easy to understand. I’ve put together a few websites that explain it more directly. If you want a girl baby, see If you want a boy, check out

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