A Coworker Keeps Asking Me When I’m Going To Become Pregnant And Says My Eggs Are Dying

By: Sandy Dean:  When you are of childbearing age and are considering becoming pregnant, you might find that many people – from family and friends to co-workers and even strangers – may feel the need to give you unsolicited advice on the same.  It can be very frustrating and it can feel downright intrusive.  But that doesn’t stop people from doing it, unfortunately.

Someone might describe this scenario. A woman might explain: “I have this older woman at my job who works right across from me.  She’s extremely sweet and she’s like a mother-figure to me.  She is also a busy body.  She knows that I am a newlywed and she is constantly asking me if I am currently pregnant or if I am trying.  The truth is, we’re getting ready to start trying.  But I don’t feel that this is anyone’s business.  She told me that I had better ‘get to it’ because my eggs are already dying.  She says that she waited too long to become pregnant and then by the time she made it a priority, she was too old.  I’m only 29.  Is it true that my eggs are dying?  Will I be unable to get pregnant now?”

Well, I guess it may be partially true. But your co-worker is painting a very dire picture that may not be accurate.  It’s true that your eggs begin to diminish from your birth.  And, they do diminish more quickly as we age.  In fact, a recent study indicated that 90% of a woman’s eggs have disappeared by the time that she is 30 years old.  This sounds awful, doesn’t it?

But how many of us know women over 30 who become pregnant? I know MANY.  It happens every single day. And how many eggs does it take to ovulate (and then become pregnant) each month?  Only one.

When we are born, we have all of the eggs that we will ever produce.  Do you know how many eggs a baby girl starts off with?  About two million eggs.  It’s said that only 400 of those eggs are needed for a lifetime of ovulation.  And while those eggs diminish more and more as a woman ages, only one egg is needed for a pregnancy.

Now, if you have found the man you want to have children with, and you know that you want to have children soon, then it makes sense to go ahead and get started, assuming that everyone is healthy and the timing is right.  The younger you are, the more eggs you have to work with. But I certainly do not think that there is any reason to panic before you’ve even hit 30.  If 40 were approaching, there would certainly need to be a greater sense of urgency.  But I think that you can proceed as you were – getting ready to try soon, and not panicking about it too much. While your co-worker is right that every woman’s eggs are dying off all of the time – and even more so with age – we don’t need every single one of them to become pregnant.  We only need one each time.  But it does make sense to go ahead and begin the process if you want to do it anyway.

If it matters to you what baby gender you get, I’ve put together a couple of websites that explains the process of becoming pregnant with the gender of your choice: If you want a boy, check out  http://conceive-a-boy-baby.com If you want a girl baby, see http://conceive-a-girl-baby.com

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