Antacids And Vaginal PH When You’re Trying For A Boy Or Girl Baby

By: Sandy Dean: I get a lot of questions about vaginal PH as it relates to gender selection. And I think one reason for this is that people perceive that it is the toughest variable to control. It’s relatively easy to chose the correct sexual position and to keep track of your ovulation.

But there are so many variables that affect your vaginal PH which in turn could affect your baby’s gender. And many people find it to be a little tricky to get in the optimal PH range for the gender that they want.

Some people ask about the use of antacids like tums or rolaids when you want a boy. The thinking is that antacids bring down the acidity and help you become more alkaline (which is desired for a boy baby.)  People change their diets and use douches to change their PH, so why not antacids?

I understand the interest in this. Everyone wants to find a quick and easy method. And I don’t see the harm in trying this, as long as you’re safe and careful about it. It’s just that in my experience, doing one thing often isn’t enough to get you where you want to be, particularly if you start out very acidic.

Also, understand that antacids are made to reduce the acid in your stomach. I have had people tell me that this has worked to also reduce their vaginal acidity and of course you can test yourself to see if this is true for you. But there’s a big leap between the two, at least in my opinion.

You could try testing yourself before and after you take the tums or rolaids to see what sort of difference it makes. I am not a doctor or specialist, but I think that it goes without saying that you don’t ever want to take more than the directions suggest. That is always my biggest fear when people start talking about supplements or consuming things. You never want to take anything that could affect the health of your pregnancy or your baby. And people sometimes tend to think if a little works well, then a lot must work better. This is NOT often the case. And there is a a chance of doing more harm than good.

So while I don’t see the harm in testing your PH and then taking the tums as directed and testing again, it’s my experience that most people find it doesn’t make a big enough difference. But I could see the benefit in using this in conjunction with your diet or douching as long as you are sensible about it.

Not everyone reacts in the way that they think that they will. That is why it is so important to test regularly. So that you can see first hand what effect these methods have. From there, you are hopefully able to find the most effective, and of course, the most safest route that gets your PH where you want it to be.

And do not forget that PH is only one aspect of it. You also need the right timing and the right sexual positions.  I’ve tried to make this easier to achieve by putting together step by step instruction. If you want a boy, check out  If you want a girl baby, see

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