Can A Man Who Is Trying To Conceive Have Acidic Sperm? What Implications Would This Have On Baby Gender?

Occasionally, I hear from people who are trying to conceive who worry about the quality of the man’s sperm.  They know that this can have an affect on conception, but some worry about it in terms of baby gender.  Someone might ask if a man having acidic sperm might impact baby sex or gender.  Someone might say: “I don’t know this for certain, but I assume that my husband has acidic sperm because once it is released, I feel a burning sensation that remains until I shower carefully. If this is true and his sperm is acidic, does this mean that it will affect my ability to get pregnant and to not have the gender of my choice?”

I am not a doctor, so please understand that my answer is based on research and not on medical expertise.  If you have real concerns about your husband’s sperm, it is best to see a doctor.  However, it’s often not the sperm that is acidic – it is the semen.  The semen is what helps to transport the sperm during its travels to the egg.  I suppose very acidic semen might impact fertility, but this condition would be rare.  Since PH is very important for women trying to choose their baby’s gender, you may already have PH testing strips lying around. If so, you can test your husband just to make sure that there isn’t an acidity issue.  Sometimes, women can be allergic to sperm / semen which may be the burning issue that you are feeling.  So, check the PH to make sure that you are correct in your assumptions.

Most men have a neutral PH, which helps the semen to do its job to protect the sperm on its way to the egg.  An acidic PH would not be normal, although dietary changes could help.  If you test and find that it is highly acidic, I would run this by your doctor.  In terms of baby gender, it is actually the mother or women’s vaginal PH that comes into play because that is the environment that the sperm must survive on its way to the egg.  If a woman’s vaginal environment is acidic, then a girl baby is more likely since the girl (X) sperm are more hardy and resistant a harsh environment.  (You can use the same PH test strips that you used to test the semen to test your own PH.)  And yes, the woman’s PH can be changed via diet also (or douching.)  The woman’s PH is going to be much more important in terms of baby gender, but you also want to address timing as well as the sexual positions used, because those things matter also.  And if you do suspect acidity in your husband’s semen, see a specialist. I’ve out together a couple of websites to show how all of these things work together to influence baby gender.  If you want a boy baby, see  http://conceive-a-boy-baby.comIf you want a girl, see

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