Can An Orgasm Affect Your LH Surge?

By: Sandy Dean: I sometimes hear from women who are trying to become pregnant and who are trying to monitor potential ovulation / conception days. Many are having intercourse around that same time, in the hopes that they might get lucky and go ahead and conceive very early in the process. Some of them, however, worry if having intercourse followed by an orgasm is going to affect their LH surge which might in turn affect their ovulation day.

I might hear a comment like: “I have just started using an ovulation predictor. I was expecting to ovulate mid way through my cycle which would have been two days ago. However, the testing did not show an LH surge to signify ovulation. I am wondering if this is because I had intercourse with an orgasm on my expected ovulation day. Could the orgasm have affected the LH surge? Did it delay my ovulation? Or did ovulation occur and I just didn’t know it? I want a boy, so it seems that the timing would be OK either way.”

It’s my opinion (and many people share it) that your LH surge is not affected by an orgasm. Think of it this way. What makes your LH surge happen is the end of the follicular phase. And this is all just a natural part of your menstrual cycle that happens every single month.  For most of us, this happens without us needing to do anything and despite whatever we do.   Has having an orgasm stopped or slowed your menstrual period’s arrival? It doesn’t because this cycle happens without your thinking about it just like other bodily functions (like digestion or hair growth.) Examples of things that disrupt these cycles / bodily functions are illness or hormonal issues. An orgasm is neither of these things.

I think that where the confusion lies here is that an orgasm CAN have an affect on your vaginal PH. Specifically, a woman’s orgasm can make her vagina more alkaline, which favors a boy baby. However, this is very different from your LH surge which happens internally in your body and isn’t influenced at all by bodily fluids or what is happening outside of your body.

Hopefully, this will make you feel better about your approaching ovulation. If you haven’t seen your LH surge yet, it could very well be that your ovulation hasn’t happened yet. Many people assume that their ovulation happens mid way through their cycle, but this isn’t always the case. I didn’t realize it until I started testing my own ovulation when I was trying to conceive, but my ovulation actually happened closer to day 20 in my cycle than to day 14.  This surprised me but it was consistently true. I think that is probably the more likely scenario than your orgasm affecting your LH surge. Something that happens to your body externally just doesn’t affect your body’s functions internally.

Your PH and your ovulation timing are two things that affect your baby’s gender. Sexual positions can matter also. I’ve put together a few websites that explain choosing your baby’s gender step by step. If you want a boy, check out If you want a girl baby, see

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