Can Chubby, Overweight, Or Fat Men Conceive A Boy Baby?

By: Sandy Dean:  I sometimes hear from women who have concerns that their husband or significant other may have some issues when it comes to conceiving a child. Specifically, many of them wonder if he is going to be able to conceive easily and if he can give them the gender of their choice.  One example of a concern in that category is a concern about the man being overweight and what this might mean in terms of his ability to conceive a certain gender.

Someone might ask: “is it true that chubby or overweight men can’t conceive boys?  My husband is slightly overweight.  He is not obese or anything.  But he has two girls from his first marriage.  I want a boy baby.  My friend says that chubby men can’t have boys because of the estrogen.  Is she right?”

Let’s try to take a look at all of the angles. I’m not a doctor, but here is what I’ve found from my research. Please consult a doctor with specific questions. It is thought that people who are overweight have an excess of fat cells which can lead to an excess of estrogen. This is said to affect fertility of both men and women.  For women, it can make their ovulation and menstrual cycles irregular, which can give them less cycles to work with in terms of becoming pregnant.  For men, it can effect their sperm count, which could make it more difficult to become pregnant.

However, in terms of your baby’s gender, it doesn’t have that great of an effect.  While an overweight man with an excess of estrogen might have a lower sperm count than he would have at an ideal weight, it does not affect one sperm chromosome over another.  What I mean by this is that Y sperm chromosomes produce boy babies and X sperm chromosomes produce girls.  Men have equal numbers of each.  And while an overweight man might sometimes have less of all types of sperm, the ratio of them should still be equal. (People often think the overweight man having excess estrogen means he’s more likely to produce a girl because of this – since women have more estrogen, but this isn’t actually thought to be the case.)

If you think your husband’s sperm count might be low, you can certainly get it tested,  A simple test would give you this information.  However, it shouldn’t have a huge effect on your baby’s gender.

His producing two girls with his ex wife could have as much to do with his wife’s make up than with his.  Although its true that it is the man’s sperm that determines gender (specifically, it’s whether an X or Y fertilizes the egg,) the woman’s PH can discourage one gender over another. If she is acidic, this is hostile to male producing sperm that might give you a boy baby.  So his ex wife could have been naturally acidic and this contributed to your current husband having two daughters.

A good start would be to test yourself to see if you are acidic or alkaline.  If you’re hoping to conceive a boy baby, you want to be alkaline.  If you’re not, you can change that with dieting or douching.   But making simple changes can help welcome or discourage the sperm chromosomes that you don’t want.

I hope that this article has shown you that while it’s believed that both men and women who are overweight might have this affect their fertility, it isn’t thought to affect gender selection.

Here are a couple of web sites that I set up to explain the process of controlling what you can to help you get the gender you want.  If you want a girl baby, see If you want a boy, check out

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