Can Having An Intense Orgasm Make A Boy Baby?

By: Sandy Dean:  If you’ve been researching ways to help you get a boy baby, you may have read that the woman having an orgasm can release fluids that make the vagina more alkaline, thus in increasing the odds of getting a son.  However, most people believe that this increases your odds a bit and, with other methods that you will do simultaneously, you might be able to influence your gender outcome.

So some people wonder if they can have an even stronger influence on this if they have a particularly strong orgasm.  Someone might ask: “I’m lucky in that I never have trouble reaching orgasm.  In fact, I usually have a pretty intense one.  So I am wondering if when my husband and I have sex, I should go all out with the goal of having a huge, intense release with the hopes that this will give me a boy baby.”

I understand your thought process, but I’ve never seen any research or evidence that the stronger the orgasm, the more vaginal secretions. Or that the more vaginal secretions, the more alkaline you become.

It’s assumed that an orgasm (regardless of how intense) will help to make your vagina more alkaline.  But, whether it is alkaline enough truly depends on the PH that you started with.  If you started out very acidic, it may take more than one orgasm to get you to your desired level.  (You’d perhaps need to use diet and douches also.) That’s why it’s important that you test your PH well before you’re trying to conceive as well as during your fertility window.  You want to be very close to where you want to be even before you have intercourse.  Anything else is just making it better, but I think it’s preferable to know that you’re already there than to take chances.  And I don’t think it’s wise to depend on one orgasm to reach the desired alkalinity – no matter how intense it might be.

Plus, it is not just your PH that makes a boy although this definitely helps.  Timing and the sexual position used can all be important. And the goal of all of these things is to encourage the boy producing sperm and to discourage those that produce girls.  If you can do this often enough, ideally, you will have many more Y (boy) sperm than X (girl) sperm.  And this will automatically increase your odds are getting the boy that you want.

But one orgasm might not be enough to get alkaline enough.  And, even assuming that it was, PH is just one variable in three possible variables.  If you’d like to know more about all three variables, I’ve put together a few websites that explain it step by step. If you want a boy baby, check out  If you want a girl, see

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