Can Having Sex Or Eating Spicy Food Before An Ovulation Test Affect Or Alter The Results? What Things Can Affect The Results?

By: Sandy Dean:  Many people who reach out to me have already done some research on their own and they know that in order to become pregnant with the gender of their choice, they need to know precisely when they ovulate. So some will start testing mid-way through their menstrual cycle and then are surprised when they don’t get a positive reading right away.

Many wonder about the types of things that might affect their test result.  Some suspect that their diet might be at play.  Others wonder if having sex right before you take the ovulation test might turn a positive into a negative or a negative into a positive.

Someone might say: “I am having cramps mid way between my cycle and I am always very regular.  So I am pretty sure that I have to be ovulating.  However, when I test myself, I keep getting a negative.  Granted, I had sex right before I tested and I ate spicy food the night before.  Could either of these things have affected my results?  Is there anything that could mess up your results?”

I am not a doctor, so please ask yours if you have any questions at all about your contraceptive health. Ovulation tests detect an LH surge which is a type of hormone that is released when ovulation is about to occur.  A man’s semen does not contain LH, nor do any bodily fluids or secretions that occur during sex.  So no, sex should not have any affect whatsoever on your results.  Having sex should not affect what is going on inside of your body.

Also, spicy food has no way to influence the release of LH or its surge.  So your diet should not matter, either.  There ARE a few things that can interfere with your results.  If you’ve just recently stopped hormonal contraceptives (like birth control pills) your body may have not yet resumed to a normal cycle, but that does not appear to be the case here.  Also, some injections given for infertility (like Clomid®, Serophene®, Pergonal®,  or Danocrine®) can affect your results.  But if you are taking these injections, you are likely under the care of a doctor and he could certainly address this concern.

If you’ve not taken injectable drugs and you have been off contraceptives for months, it could very well be that you are going to ovulate later in your cycle OR you didn’t start testing early enough.  Although some women ovulate mid-way through their cycle, certainly not all women do.  Some women ovulate earlier than mid-way, others ovulate later, and still others vary depending on the month.

I understand that sometimes you only get 5-7 tests in those little kits, but for many women, this isn’t enough.  That’s why it sometimes makes sense to get the reusable saliva kits that you can use every day without worrying about running out.  You simply rinse them off when you are done testing and then you are free to test again the next day.   (Here’s an example on Ebay.) But not seeing a positive LH yet likely means that it hasn’t happened yet or you missed it.  If you keep testing and you still see no LH surge and you aren’t taking any of the drugs that can affect ovulation, then I’d suggest approaching your doctor.  But an easy approach right now is to keep testing and see what happens, especially for the next few months.

It’s great that your paying such astute attention to your timing. But you also want to focus on your vaginal PH and the deliberate sexual positions that you use.  I’ve put together a few websites that explain all of the variables step by step. If you want a boy baby, check out If you want a girl, see

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