Can Y Sperm Wait For The Egg Or Do They Just Die Immediately When You’re Trying To Conceive A Boy?

By: Sandy Dean:  I sometimes hear from couples who are trying to time their conception attempts correctly when they’re trying to chose their baby’s gender or sex.  Many know or have read that the boy producing or Y sperm is shorter lived than the girl producing or X sperm.  But many want clarification as to just how long the Y sperm live and whether or not they can wait for the egg if you have sex before ovulation.  I recently heard from a woman who said, in part: “let’s say that I think that I’m going to ovulate tomorrow.  If I have sex today, would the Y sperm be able to wait for my egg?  Or would they die off immediately?  And what does this mean if I’m trying for a boy baby?”

The answer depends upon a couple of factors, but y or boy producing sperm are said to viable for as many as 3 days assuming that the sperm is in the optimum alkaline environment.  So, if you made it so that your vaginal tract was alkaline rather than acidic you would be prolonging the lifespan of those Y sperm to ensure that they did not die off immediately and could wait for the egg for a few days.  But, if you had an acidic vaginal environment, then those same Y or boy producing sperm would likely die off much more quickly  –  as soon as hours later (and some Y sperm will never even make it past your vaginal tract into your fallopian tubes.)

Another consideration is how healthy and viable your partner’s sperm is, and when, exactly, you have ovulated.  It’s extremely common for a woman to miscalculate her ovulation day, especially if she’s not using a very reliable PH tester.   So to answer the question posed, for the most part Y or male sperm don’t die off immediately and they can wait for a short period of time for the egg.  How long this period of time turns out to be depends a good deal on the PH of the woman’s vaginal tract.

That’s why it’s so very important to time your sexual intercourse correctly.  And this is true regardless of whether you are trying for a girl or boy baby.  It’s so much better for the egg to have to wait for the sperm because the egg isn’t influenced by external factors like acidity and PH.   Still confused about the easiest way to plan your conception so that you get the boy or girl baby that you want? I’ve put together a few websites that remove a lot of the guesswork and walk you through the process step by step.  If you are trying for a boy baby, check out And if you’re trying for a girl, check out

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