Do Girl Sperm Die In An Alkaline Environment?

By: Sandy Dean:  I sometimes hear from people who determine their vaginal PH AFTER they have attempted to conceive.  Therefore, they are scrambling to determine if they might have just conceived a boy or a girl. For example, someone might ask this question: “I have been trying for a baby girl.  I just had my fertility window.  It has already passed.  I know that it’s too late for me to conceive now, at least for this month.  But just out of curiosity, I took my PH.  I was horrified to find out that I am alkaline.  And I believe I’ve read that an alkaline environment will kill off X or girl sperm.  So now I am worried that I’ve ruined my chances to get a daughter.  Is this true?”

No, not necessarily.  I’m not a doctor but I can share my research with you. It is said that you want an acidic environment for girl sperm because the acidity is detrimental to the boy sperm, but the girl sperm can withstand it.  When you want a daughter, your goal is to eliminate the boy sperm.  And an acidic environment helps to accomplish this.

Luckily though, the opposite is not true when it comes to an alkaline environment killing off girl sperm.  The X sperm are the strongest of the two and can survive both acidic and alkaline environments.  With an alkaline environment, it’s not that the girl sperm will be killed off.  It is that the boy sperm won’t.

So, what you have in an alkaline environment is a situation where both girl and boy sperm are present. And this isn’t ideal because the boy sperm are faster.  If you’ve not weakened them with an acidic environment, then they are free to thrive and use their speed.

Of course, all this means is that both girl and boy sperm are present to compete for the egg.  This doesn’t ensure that a boy sperm will make it to the egg and you will get a boy.  Remember that both sperm are present, so theoretically, you could get either.

But to get your best chance of conceiving the gender that you want, then it’s ideal to eliminate as many of the undesired sperm as is possible.  In this case, it would be boy sperm.  An alkaline environment doesn’t eliminate them.  But it doesn’t kill of the girl sperm either.  It just allows the boy sperm to use their speed and to compete in greater numbers.

If you do not become pregnant this time around, next month it would be beneficial to try for an acidic environment.  Because this does weaken or kill off boy sperm and the girl sperm do just fine in it.  And it is this scenario which leaves more X sperm than Y sperm, which gives you a better chance to get a girl.

(Note that it doesn’t mean you will definitely get a girl.  There are bound to be some Y sperm that survive.  But their numbers will be less.)  Just as an example, if you have 75 percent X and 25 percent Y, then your chances for ending up with X are much greater, giving you a better chance of having a girl. But it doesn’t mean that you can’t get an X.

And this is why an alkaline environment doesn’t mean you didn’t conceive a daughter.  But if you have another chance, an acidic PH is much more beneficial.  And you’ll want to test WELL BEFORE you attempt to conceive so that you can make the necessary adjustments if you don’t have the PH that you want.

If you’d like to read a cheat sheet about getting the genes you want, I’ve put together a couple of websites that are free and hopefully easy to follow.  If you want a girl, see If you want a boy baby, see

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