Do Only Strong Women Have Boy Babies?

By: Sandy Dean:  I sometimes hear from people who have been told (or who truly believe) that a person’s personality or physical characteristics will determine whether or not they ultimately conceive a boy or girl baby.  An example might be the assumption that a more slightly built man would have girls while a physically or emotionally strong woman would have boy babies.

Someone might say: “my grandmother told me that only very strong women can have boy babies.  She said that you often see women who are almost masculine in nature and who are very tall and physically strong end up having boys. This makes sense, I suppose, since the woman would need that physical or emotional strength to parent and play with boys, which tend to be a little rougher than girls.  The problem is that I am getting married soon and I’d like to conceive a boy.  I am very petite.  And I am also shy and soft spoken.  If my grandmother is right, that probably means that I am more suited to having girls and this upsets me because I really had my heart set on a little boy.”

I hate to disagree with anyone’s grandmother.  Because our grandmothers can pass on so much wisdom at times.  And, those old wives tales can be a lot of fun to speculate about.  But, I don’t think there is a lot of truth to what your grandmother is saying as far as “strong” women only having sons, while more slight women end up with girls.

I will give you some antidotal evidence and then I will discuss the science of why this isn’t true.   The guy who I dated in high school was one of four boys.  His mother was all of five feet tall and was maybe 90 pounds soaking wet.  She was not boisterous in personality.  In fact, she often spoke in whispers.  But she held those boys’ attention.  And they respected her.  And she was a lot of fun to me (who is a girl) and to her son (who is a boy.)  She didn’t have any girls.  And yet, she would be considered less than “strong” at least in the way we are talking about here.

My husband’s mother had an equal number of boy and girl children.  She tends to carry a little extra weight and she has diabetes.  So she would not be considered “strong” either and yet, she managed two boys and two girls.

Scientifically, a baby’s gender is determined by which of its father’s sperm chromosomes fertilizes its mother’s egg.  Men have both girl producing and boy producing sperm in equal numbers so in most cases, you have equal odds of getting either gender.

To be fair, it is thought that some of the mother’s characteristics can affect baby gender.  For example, females who have an acidic PH are a little more likely to have girls.  And those with an alkaline PH are more likely to have boys.  But there is no evidence that tall or physically strong women are more likely to have one PH over another.  And, even if they did, PH can be changed pretty easily regardless of the PH that you start with.

So I really do not think that you need to worry.  If you do nothing at all, you likely have a 50 / 50 chance at either gender.  And if you want to try some easy changes to your regimen, you can often increase the odds of getting the gender that you want. (See tips on conceiving a boy and if you want a girl.

And by the way, I personally believe that people who are shy and soft spoken can also be strong.  I also believe that people who are smaller aren’t necessarily weak.  Strength of character is every bit as important as being strong physically or having a strong personality.  And women who are loving and wise regardless of their size can raise wonderful children of any gender.

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