Does Conceiving At The Peak Of Ovulation Guarantee I Will Get A Boy Baby?

By Sandy Dean: I sometimes hear from people who have educated themselves and determined that it’s considered favorable to conceive soon after ovulation has occurred if you want a boy baby. And since they do want a son, they will arm themselves with a very good ovulation predictor and they will test themselves daily, if not more regularly. And when they get a positive ovulation indication and have sex within hours, they understandably feel quite upbeat and hopeful. But they want to know if being so vigilant has assured them of a boy.

A common comment that I might hear in this situation is something like: “I am certain that I possibly conceived at the peak of my ovulation window. When I went to bed last night, there was not a distinct positive. But when I woke up this morning, there was. So my husband and I had sex at once. We want a boy baby. I really feel as if I could not have gotten any closer to a positive reading before attempting to conceive. Does this guarantee that I’m going to get the boy baby that I want?”

I honestly wish that I could give you a guarantee but I can’t. Frankly, the timing is very good here. But the only way to be guaranteed of getting the gender that you want is to have gender selection done at a medical or fertility clinic. This is usually done during the process of artificial insemination. And this procedure can be guaranteed because the doctor is able to determine the gender of the fetus before it is inserted into the mother to be.

But when you are trying to choose your baby’s gender at home, you do not have the luxury of being able to determine baby’s gender beforehand and then picking and choosing. You can’t see what is going on during the fertilization process. And frankly, you have no way of knowing if this one attempt at conception even resulted in a pregnancy. It may not have. Sometimes, it takes several attempts before you have success.

Beyond that though, in order to have a guarantee that this process would get you a boy baby, having sex at ovulation would need to be able to eliminate X or girl producing sperm. It doesn’t do that. Having intercourse when ovulation has just happened is preferable if you want a boy baby because it means that the weaker and shorter lived boy sperm are getting the chance to race for the egg at the peak of their life span. And when they are healthy and new, the Y or boy producing sperm are faster than the X or girl producing sperm. So, they have a slightly better chance of making it to the egg first. But that doesn’t mean that the girl producing sperm have no chance of winning this race.

Just because you have given a slight edge to the Y’s, this does not mean that you have eliminated the X’s. And when you consider that there can literally be millions of sperm chromosomes racing for the egg, you understand that any advantage that you have can be important. There are other things that you can to do to give the Y sperm even more advantages like making sure that your PH is alkaline and using deep sexual positions so that the shorter lived Y’s don’t have long travels. But none of these methods eliminates the X sperm.

So, what you are really doing is trying to give every advantage the Y’s so that you can take advantage of their speed. And one could argue that this will definitely raise your chances for getting a boy baby. But it still can’t guarantee it because you still have X’s involved. Sure, the X’s are slower and common sense would tell you that this is a disadvantage. But not an impossibility.

I know that when you really want a certain gender, you want guarantees. And we do have medical advances that make this possible. But when you are talking about trying to choose you baby’s gender at home, you are just working off of advantages and increased odds instead of guarantees. But that certainly doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t try and make every effort to succeed.

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