Does Masturbation Affect Or Kill Off The X Or Y Sperm?

By: Sandy Dean: Many couples will try to abstain from sexual intercourse before they actually attempt to conceive. The idea behind this is that by avoiding ejaculation days before conception takes place, the father to be is ensuring that he has a high sperm count which includes high quality sperm. So, people can wonder if there is a way around not having any sexual contact whatsoever.  Sometimes, he wonder that if he’s not having intercourse, can he masturbate instead? And if he does, what affect might this have on his sperm and on his ability to father a girl or boy baby?

Someone might ask me: “my husband and I have decided to abstain from sex for a week before we attempt to conceive. We are trying to become pregnant with a boy baby. I believe that my ovulation is going to come up in a few days. I just found out that my husband has been masturbating for the entire time he was supposed to be abstaining. This does not make me happy. Is this going to affect the Y sperm so that we can’t have a boy?”

Masturbating Can Matter If He Has Low Sperm Count Or Low Quality Sperm: If you think about it, masturbating would have the same affect that having intercourse would, at least in terms of a man’s sperm. The reason that people abstain is because they believe that, by holding off on ejaculation, a man can ensure that his sperm is going to be plentiful in volume and high in quality so that this gives you the best chance of conceiving a healthy pregnancy that results in a healthy baby.

However, when he masturbates, he is ejaculating as if he had sex. So, his sperm quality and quantity is going to be the same as if he had sexual intercourse without abstaining. (It wasn’t indicated if he was masturbating daily or just occasionally in the above scenario.)

Now, if he had a normal sperm count and high quality sperm, then this may not be a big deal. Plenty of couples conceive healthy babies without abstaining at all.  But if you suspect that his sperm count is low or that his sperm is low quality, then his masturbating didn’t help matters.

This Shouldn’t Have Any Affect On The X To Y Ratio: masturbation shouldn’t matter when it comes to the ratio of X to Y sperm. In other words, masturbation doesn’t kill off one sperm over another. It just releases those sperm like it would if you were having intercourse. Since men have equal amounts of X and Y sperm (or a ratio of 50 / 50,) then they release the same amount during intercourse or masturbation.

So, assuming his sperm is high quality, you are going to be left what he started with which means that you are going to have equal amounts of both X and Y. And changing that ratio is done with the mother to be, not with the father to be.

The woman often attempts to “kill off” or discourage the sperm that she doesn’t want. So, in this case, since this couple wanted a boy, they would want to discourage the girl or X sperm. That is typically done by conceiving after ovulation, douching or eating foods that would give the woman an alkaline PH, and using deep penetration when having sex.

But no, masturbation might lower the quality and quantity of sperm. But it shouldn’t have any affect on whether you have more or less X or Y sperm.  Even if the father to be can’t control his X and Y ratio.  The mother to be does have some control over this. Your PH and your ovulation timing are two things that affect your baby’s gender. Sexual positions can matter also. I’ve put together a few websites that explain choosing your baby’s gender step by step. If you want a boy, check out If you want a girl baby, see

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