Does Seeing An LH Surge Before Conception Mean That You’re Going To Have A Boy Baby

By: Sandy Dean:  People often want to influence their baby’s gender but unfortunately, they worry about their methods AFTER they have already attempted to conceive.  I often hear from women who think that they may have become pregnant or have already conceived and they are wanting to know if the circumstances surrounding this favor a boy or girl baby.

For example, someone who is testing their ovulation very carefully may see an indication of an LH surge and then immediately have sex afterward.  They will have the suspicion and the hope that they became pregnant on this attempt and they will wonder if these circumstances make a boy or girl more likely, as in the following example: “I’ve been testing for ovulation with the predictor that shows an LH surge. After testing for a couple of weeks, I finally got a positive reading in the morning.  I had sex as soon as my husband returned from work that evening.  Probably eight hours passed between the time that I got the LH surge and the time that I had sex.  I hope that I got pregnant.  If I did, does that mean that I am going to have a boy?”

Before I attempt to answer, let me go over what an LH surge actually means.  When you see an indication of an LH surge on an ovulation kit, this means that luteinizing hormone has been produced.  Often, this happens up to 36 hours BEFORE ovulation.  It can be a mistake to assume that you ovulate immediately after you see this surge because you may actually ovulate anywhere from 24 to 36 hours later.  The window can be a little large.  As you probably can tell, you don’t need to rush to have sex after your PH surge, but you don’t want to think that you have all of the time in the world either.

In terms of having a boy, it is thought that if you have sex AFTER ovulation has occurred, then this gives you a greater chance of a boy baby.  The reason behind this is that the boy-producing sperm (the Y’s) live for a shorter period of time.  And by releasing them after ovulation, you give them a greater chance to be present for the egg.

If you were to have sex before ovulation, some of those boy producing sperm would have died off by the time ovulation happened, theoretically making a girl baby more likely.

In terms of your real life scenario, let’s say you say that you had your LH surge and then had sex eight hours later.  There is a chance that ovulation has not happened yet and may even happen 20 or more hours later.  So, some of the Y or boy sperm may have died off.  But of course some would still be remaining.

Now, the numbers don’t tell the whole story.   Of course, even one boy sperm being present at conception could mean you end up with a boy baby.  The odds don’t tell you everything.  But in terms of gender selection, you want as many Y sperm present as is possible when you’re trying for a boy.  That is why focusing on timing only is only part of the equation.

Ideally, you want to have great timing as well as the proper PH and the proper sexual positions.  If you are at the optimum alkaline PH, you will encourage even more Y sperm.  And if you use deeper penetration, you will make it so those sperm present have less distance to travel, which saves precious time.

So while the timing you’ve outlined is somewhat favorable to either gender (since the girl producing sperm can live for a long time,) the best method in getting a boy is to manipulate every variable that you can.  You have tried to cover your timing and that is wonderful. But it also makes sense to try to get the right PH as well as the right sexual position.

I know that this is a lot to think about.  I’ve tried to make it easier with a couple of free instructional websites.  If you’d like to see some step by step instructions, feel free to have a look. If you want a boy, check out If you want a girl baby, see

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