Does Stress In The Father Affect Baby Gender?

By: Sandy Dean:  When people are trying to become pregnant with a certain gender, they try to consider every variable that might contribute to their success or failure.  Because it is the father’s sperm chromosomes that ultimately determine baby gender – people will sometimes focus heavily on the father.  They look at his diet, his lifestyle, and his health, among other things.

One variable that I often hear about is the man’s stress level.  Someone might ask: “my husband is very laid back.  He does not stress about anything.  I worry about what this is going to mean for us when trying to become pregnant.  I have a read that stress makes girls more likely in women.  I have a stressful lifestyle, but I handle it pretty well.  Since I want a girl, I worry about my husband’s passive personality.  Is my husband’s lack of stress going to be a detriment to us?  If so, how do I raise this level so that we will have a girl?”

The Studies Show A Correlation Between The Mother’s Stress Level, Not The Father’s.  And The Study Is Extremely Small: There does seem to be a perception that stress in a couple’s life makes a girl baby more likely.  But although there is a study linking a woman’s stress to baby’s gender, there is no such study regarding men or fathers.  While a very SMALL study has indicated a slight correlation between women who have high cortisol with being more likely to give birth to daughters, that does not mean that none of those women had boys.  And, the testing sample was extremely small.  Moreover, there’s no way to tell if it was the rise in cortisol that increased the odds for girl babies, or something else – like an impaired immune system as the result of this process.

Further, most specialists agree that being stressed out is not a good state for a pregnant or potentially pregnant woman.   Most specialists will encourage you to simplify your life, get plenty of rest, and take it as easy as you can regarding the stress that you can control.

Now, moving onto stress levels for the father.  I could not find any studies which indicated that a man’s stress level had any affect on his X or Y chromosomes.  Men have equal numbers of both, making them equally likely to produce girls or boys.  In fact, most studies indicate that even among men who produce more of one gender over another, these men still produce 50 percent X sperm chromosomes and 50 percent Y sperm chromosomes.

Too Much Stress In Men Can Affect Their Sperm Quality And Can Also Affect Their Baby’s Health And Brain Development:  I DID find studies that indicate that male rats who experience high stress have damaged sperm that can affect the brain development of their offspring.  And the study found that the offspring could be born with higher levels of stress hormones.  This is not good for either the father or the baby.  Plus, anything that affects sperm quality can affect your ability to become pregnant.  Are these risks really worth it? Especially when they haven’t been shown to affect baby gender?

There are safer methods that can help you to get the gender that you want.  You can carefully tweak the woman’s timing, her vaginal PH, and the sexual positions that you use.  All of these methods should increase your odds of getting the gender that you want without stressing either of you out.

Pregnancy is a time where both parents should be as healthy as possible and it should be a joyous time instead of a stressful one.  In my opinion, that is one variable that should be left alone.  It is not worth the potential risk to your own health and your future child’s health.

In my opinion, using natural non invasive methods to chose your baby’s gender that don’t endanger your health is the best way to go. If you’d like to know what to do for each gender and when, I’ve tried to make it easy to understand. I’ve put together a few websites that lay it out step by step. If you want a girl baby, see If you want a boy, check out

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