How Can I Make Sure Boy Or Y Sperm Lives?

By: Sandy Dean:  Since I often hear from people who want to conceive one specific gender, I’m often asked how to ensure that either the X (for a girl) or Y (for a boy) sperm survives.

For example, someone who wants a boy might say: “I’ve heard that the boy or Y sperm dies off more easily then the X or girl sperm.  Since I am pretty desperate for a son, I do not want for this to happen.  How do I make sure that the boy sperm lives?”

There are things that you can try.  Since you can’t see inside your body and know the condition of the boy sperm (or the girl sperm for that matter,) you have to be vigilant about some variables that you can control.  Although I don’t think it’s realistic to think that you can keep every boy sperm chromosome alive,  you can certainly help to encourage them to live for longer periods of time, which in turn will increase your odds of having a boy.

Make Sure You’ve Having Sex Only After Ovulation:  If you want a boy baby, one of the most important things that you can do is to track your ovulation.  You can only become pregnant close to your ovulation window. Sperm do not live indefinitely, so if you have sex for too long before ovulation, it won’t matter since all of the sperm will die off and there will be nothing left to fertilize the egg.

That is why timing is so very important. If you have sex before you have ovulated, you run the risk of having more girl sperm present by the time ovulation has actually occurred.  Therefore, common sense tells you that this makes a girl baby more likely.  But if you wait until you’ve ovulated to have sex, then you will at least have a 50 / 50 ratio of boy to girl sperm.  And the boy sperm will be healthy because it will be new.  Better still, boy sperm are faster than girl sperm, so you will have an even bigger advantage by waiting.  Also, test using an ovulation predictor.  Do not guess.  It’s too important to be accurate.

Make Sure Your Vaginal Environment Is Not Acidic.  Acidity Is An Enemy To Boy Sperm:  One easy and effective thing that you can do right now is to use a PH testing strip and test your vaginal PH. If you are acidic, you will have work to do.  An acidic environment weakens boy sperm and allows it to die off more quickly.  Instead, your want an alkaline environment.  You can accomplish this through diet or douching.  Boy sperm live for longer in an alkaline environment so this is very important.

Have An Orgasm During Conception Sex.  A female orgasm releases fluids that help to alkalize the vagina.  Now, if you start out very acidic, having an orgasm might not be enough to get the PH that you need.  But if you’ve already been tweaking your PH and are already alkaline or are trending that way, an orgasm will help your levels even more.

As I stated before, no sperm lives forever.  Both X and Y sperm die off eventually.  The key is to use good timing and deliberate practices to make sure that the boy sperm are present in great numbers and are fresh and healthy.  That way, you can use their speed to your full advantage.

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