How Do I Best Prepare My Body To Produce Or Become Pregnant With A Girl Or Boy Baby?

By: Sandy Dean:   Most of the folks that I hear from want to begin attempting to conceive or to become pregnant very soon.  Many want to not only become pregnant, but they want to become pregnant with the gender of their choice.  And, they realize that this is probably going to require careful planning.  So, many ask about what they need to do when they are only in the planning stages.  For example, I might hear from someone who says: “I am newly married and I would like to be pregnant in a year’s time. What do I need to do in order to prepare my body for a pregnancy.  I am not sure if I want a boy or girl.  But I do want to have the option of having them in a specific order.  What would I need to do for my body to be ready for a girl or boy baby?”

I will go over the gender question a little later, but there are plenty of things that you want to do in order to be as healthy as you can be for pregnancy.  I am not a doctor and I would strongly suggest that you find a gynecologist that you are comfortable with before you become pregnant.  But, here are a couple of tips. First, you’ll want to discontinue your birth control (if you take medications or hormones for this) at least three months before you intend to try to become pregnant.  And, you want to quit smoking or drinking alcohol if you currently do either.  You want to talk with your doctor about safely discontinuing or monitoring any drugs or medications that could be detrimental to a pregnancy (with the supervision of your doctor, of course.) You want to make sure that you have a varied and healthy diet.  Now is not the time to start or continue a vigorous exercise program or to try to lose weight.

Studies have indicated that it is easier for women to become pregnant when they have a healthy BMI or body mass index.  Believe it or not, it should not be too low.  We’ve all heard olds wives’ tales about needing meat on your bones to become pregnant.  Well, some studies do back this up.  You want to be in healthy ranges of course, but you don’t want to have too little body fat.  And you do not want to be deficient in any nutrients.

Next, you want to greatly reduce your stress levels.  This has always been true, but it is especially true when you want to conceive.  You don’t want to make any stressful life changes right now or take on something that is going to make you anxious or exhausted. Stress hormones are not conducive to ovulation or conception.  Speaking of ovulation, it wouldn’t be a bad idea to begin to monitor your ovulation and to make sure that you are ovulating regularly.  If you are going to try to choose your baby’s gender, you will need to know exactly when you ovulate. Because for a boy baby, you want to conceive after ovulation.  For a girl, this should happen before ovulation occurs.

Finally, it’s important that you know your vaginal PH.  You will need an acidic PH if you want a girl and an alkaline one if you want a boy.  Although you can tweak your diet to get the PH that you want, you never want to give up a balanced and healthy diet, especially when you can tweak your PH with specific douches. In short, you want to be as healthy as you possibly can and you want to have a good handle on your PH and when you ovulate so you can make any changes that are necessary depending on the gender that you are going for. With a little advanced planning, you can make this an enjoyable and special experience.  I’ve put together a few websites that explain choosing your baby’s gender step by step. If you want a girl baby, see If you want a boy, check out

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