How Important Is Timing For The Gender Of Your Baby?

By: Sandy Dean:  I would say that of all of the variables that couples use to choose the gender of their baby, timing is the most well known and the topic that you hear about the most.  Many people are already aware of their timing when they are thinking about conception.  Because most of us know that there is only a very short window of time during the month when a woman can become pregnant.  (The window can be a little bigger if the couple does not care about their baby’s gender.  However, if they do have a certain gender in mind, the window gets a little smaller, as you have to be more specific about your timing.)

Even though most people are vaguely aware of the importance of timing, they often aren’t sure exactly how it works and how vital a part of the plan it really is.  Someone might ask questions like these: “I am aware that timing is important when you want to control your baby’s gender.  I know that you want to try to conceive early for a girl and late for a boy.  But how important is all of this?  How specific do you have to be?  How much does it matter?”

Well, how much it matters depends upon how important your baby’s gender is to you.  Some people might prefer one gender, but ultimately not care all that much. And others may make it their goal in life to get a daughter or son.  There are three variables that have been identified as having influence over baby gender: timing, where the sperm is deposited in relationship to the cervix (sexual positions;) and the woman’s PH.  Each variable has an important part to play as each variable means that more of your desired gender’s sperm chromosomes might make it to the egg.

Here is an example of what I am talking about.  Let’s say that you want a boy baby.  The ideal timing for this is after ovulation has occurred.  So let’s say that you use a good ovulation predictor and have sex after you are absolutely sure of ovulation.  By doing this, you’ve made sure that more of the boy producing or Y sperm are going to make it the egg.  This increases your chances of getting a son. Taking things a step further, if you use deep penetration when having sex, you give even more of the Y sperm a boost, by giving them less distance to travel.  This increases your odds even more.  Finally, if the woman has an alkaline PH, this helps even more because this environment is friendly to boy sperm.  (These procedures are reversed for a girl baby.)

As you can see, ALL of these variables are important and ALL of them increase your odds of getting your desired gender.  But of all of them, I would agree that timing is the most important, simply because if you miss the timing and you completely forego your fertility window, you won’t get pregnant with either gender.  But all of the variables should be maximized to give you the best chance of success.

This article has focused mostly on timing.  But the two other variables are also very important.  You also want to pay attention to very deliberate sexual positions  as well as the woman’s PH, which can and should be measured.  I’ve put together a few websites that explain all of the variables step by step. If you want a boy baby, check out If you want a girl, see

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