How Long After Ovulation Can You Get Pregnant With A Girl Or Boy Baby?

by: sandy dean:  I often hear from women who realize that they have already ovulated or won’t be able to have sex for conception until some time after their ovulation has already occurred.  I recently heard from a woman who had gotten a positive reading on her ovulation predictor which told her that she had already ovulated, but her husband was out of town until the next day.  She wanted a boy baby, but she was worried that her egg would not be viable by the time she could try to conceive.  She said, in part: “how long after ovulation can you get pregnant?  For how long do the sperm live?  And for how long can your egg live?  What is the real time frame for conception? Which gender are you most likely to get after ovulation?”  I’ll try to answer these questions in the following article.

The Life Span  Of The Sperm And The Egg During Your Fertility Cycle Or Attempts At Conception: The longevity on the sperm depends on some external factors, but generally speaking, a normal, healthy man’s sperm can live for up to five days in a woman’s reproductive tract.  (It can only live for minutes or hours outside of the reproductive tract.)  So, it often isn’t the man’s sperm that is the concern.  Theoretically, a couple can have sex days before ovulation and the egg being ready and the sperm will not have any issue with remaining viable until that happens.

It’s usually the woman’s egg that is more of a concern.  It’s said that the egg can live or survive for anywhere from 12 – 48 hours. The specific time frame depends upon a variety of factors.  But hopefully you can see that this the young women above might still have been able to become pregnant even a day or two after ovulation if her egg was on the longer end of the range.   So let’s say that she had sex around 24 hours after her ovulation day, would this make her more likely to conceive a boy or a girl baby?

Well that too depends upon many factors.  Generally speaking, late conception that occurs after ovulation favors a boy baby (which is what she wanted anyway) simply because the Y or boy producing sperm would be present in larger numbers.  This is because the boy making sperm have a short time frame themselves.  So if you have sex early or before conception, many of the boy sperm will no longer be present by the time conception occurs.  But if you wait and have late ovulation, the boy sperm will be present in greater numbers.

With that said though, the X or girl making sperm don’t have a longevity problem.  Plenty of them are likely to still be around after ovulation.  But, they are slower moving than the boys.  However, there are more considerations that come into play when you are talking about gender as it relates to sex after ovulation.  In addition to the timing, your vaginal acidity and PH and the sexual positions that you use can all have an affect on whether you have a girl or a boy.

But, for the purposes of this article, some couples have as long as a couple of days after ovulation to successfully become pregnant and others only have around 12 hours or around a half day, depending on the longevity of the woman’s egg during that particular month (and this can vary.)   That’s why it is vital to have a good ovulation predictor and to use it very often as you think that you are approaching ovulation.  In fact, I usually think it’s a good idea to start testing a couple of weeks after your last period because ovulation varies from woman to woman and from month to month.

If you need help conceiving or have your heart set on a girl or boy baby, I’ve put together a few websites that might be useful.  There’s more detailed instructions and resources that might make this process a little easier.  You can check out or depending on which is applicable to you.

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