How Soon Before Ovulation Should We Have Sex To Get A Boy Baby. Is This Thinking Correct?

By: Sandy Dean:  I sometimes hear from people who are planning to do the exact opposite of what is advisable in terms of getting the gender of their choice.  An example is the woman who thinks that she needs to conceive early in her ovulation cycle for a boy baby or the one who thinks that she needs to conceive late for a girl.

Here is what I mean. Someone might ask: “I had my period a couple of weeks ago – about 12 days ago to be exact.  So I’m pretty sure that in 2 days or so, I’m going to ovulate.  So should I be having sex now?  Beforehand?  I’ve heard that you need to be having sex prior to ovulation for a son or a boy.  But when, precisely?”

Actually, like many others in this situation, you’re going by what you’ve heard instead of relying on the science. Many of us rely on advice from people who we trust and there’s really nothing wrong with that.  Unfortunately with this plan, the timing isn’t right.  And there is a scientific reason for this.  For a boy baby, you want to have sex AFTER ovulation.  Here is why.  The boy sperm do not live as long as the girl sperm.  So in order to have as many of them survive as is possible, you want for the egg to be ready to be ovulated BEFORE you supply the sperm.  Because if it is the other way around, the sperm will need to wait in order for pregnancy to occur.  This is a difficult state for the boy or Y sperm since they don’t have a huge amount of longevity.  So, you need to flip it and have the sperm waiting on the egg.

The way to do this is to know that the egg is ready (via getting a positive ovulation test) and THEN having sex.  And you truly should not guess or just assume that you ovulate 14 days after your period.  Not all women ovulate mid way through their cycle.  For many, it varies from month to month.  Hopefully, now you see why it’s ideally advisable to have sex ONLY after ovulation when you want a boy baby.  If you have sex a couple of days before, the boy sperm will be dying off or absent while the girl sperm will still be present.  What you’re doing in this case if giving yourself more girl sperm and increasing the odds that you actually get a girl.

If you want a girl, the thought process is that you have sex before ovulation because this gives the boy sperm time to die and to be gone by the time the egg is introduced.

I hope this makes sense. Unfortunately, timing is only one variable in getting the gender that you want without a clinic.  There are a few other variables that are equally important.

If you’d like to learn how to accomplish the next two steps, I’ve tried to make it easy by setting up two explanatory websites. If you want a girl baby, see If you want a boy, check out

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