How To Determine The Perfect Day To Get Pregnant With The Baby Gender You Want

By: Sandy Dean:  Once you’ve made the big decision to try to conceive (and to do so in a deliberate way in order to get a certain gender) the next decision you’ll often try to make is which day is “the day” that you’re going to attempt to get pregnant.

Many people place a lot of importance on choosing this day.  And many focus on things other than on the science behind it.  They want the day to have some significance.  Maybe they will look for a day where the sun is shining outside and when the weather is particularly beautiful.  Maybe they will wait for a special occasion like an anniversary.  Perhaps they will wait until astrology or numerology tells them that it’s the perfect time to bring a baby into the world.  Or, they think that it is a mind blowing love making experience that is the perfect day to become pregnant.

All of these thoughts are nice.  And I agree that conceiving a child is a very special time.  You hope that by choosing the right day at the perfect time, you increase your chances of having everything fall into place.  You’re hoping for the successful conception, a healthy pregnancy, and a happy family.

And there is nothing wrong with that.  It’s normal to want that.  But, when it comes right down to it. Conception is about science.  And getting the gender of your choice is especially about science.  If your egg is ready to be fertilized and your partner’s sperm successfully fertilizes it, then that will be the day of your pregnancy regardless of whether it’s raining outside, whether its your anniversary,  whether it’s a full moon, or whether or not the sex was all that great.

Likewise, you could have the most perfect day imaginable and have mind blowing sex, but if you are not ovulating or the sperm does not make it to the egg, a pregnancy is not going to occur.

If you truly want to be able to choose your baby’s gender and get pregnant quickly, then you need to redefine “the perfect day.”  In terms of the science behind things, the perfect day is actually when you are at the point in your ovulation cycle that is optimal for the gender that you want, when your PH is the optimal level for the gender that you want, and when your partner or spouse is available to make this happen.

I got pregnant with my son on a very imperfect week because I had worked about 20 hours worth of overtime.  I was so tired that frankly, the sex wasn’t all that wonderful.  But I knew that the timing was right and I had been very careful about checking my PH.  It was scientifically perfect, however, because I knew that all of the variables were there.

Want to know how to put all of the pieces of the puzzle together at precisely the right time?  I’ve put together a couple of websites to help. If you want a girl baby, see If you want a boy, check out

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