How To Tell If Your Husband Can Only Have Boys. Or Girls. Is This Possible?

By: Sandy Dean:  I sometimes hear from folks who are getting ready to marry a man (or who have already married him) and are trying to gauge his ability to get the gender that is desired when it comes time to conceive a baby.  Sometimes, a man has already fathered children and people tend to think that he will get the same gender that he has already produced.  For example, if he is the father of boys then people may assume that he is likely to have another boy and may not be able to have girls.

Other times, this will be the man’s first baby and the mother-to-be wants to ensure that he can provide the gender that she wants. So she might say: “my husband and I have been married for about fourteen months.  We have been trying pretty much that whole time to become pregnant.  We have not succeeded, but I am trying not to worry. My  mother said that she doesn’t think my husband will be able to have a boy because he looks more effeminate than masculine and he has long fingers.  She says that men who look like this do not produce boys. I am not sure if this is true.  My husband has brothers, so I think that boys might run in his family.  And I’m not sure that you can tell if a man can father a certain gender by the looks of him.  One of my friends says you can tell by looking at his sperm.  Is this true?  Is there any way to tell what gender a man will father by looking at or examining him?”

Despite what a man (or his sperm) may look like, men have both X and Y sperm chromosomes (which produce both boys and girls) and they have equal numbers of each.  This means that they can father both genders and have an equal amount of chances to do so.  There has been studies of men who have had all boys and all girls and this testing showed that even in these circumstances, the fathers still had both X and Y sperm chromosomes – which means that they could have produced either gender.

A man’s sperm chromosomes have nothing to do whatsoever with his personal appearance or the appearance of anything else that comes out of his body. It has to do with the sperm chromosomes inside of his body.  And luckily, nature provides him with equal amounts of what he needs to father either a girl or a boy.

I know that you may be thinking: “but what about those men who have five sons?  Or seven daughters?”  I would suspect this has to do with the mother of those daughters or sons.  Why?  Since a man has both X and Y sperm chromosomes, the other part of the baby-making equation is the woman.  Women who are acidic have a better chance of getting girls and women who are alkaline have a better chance of getting boys. (This has to do with vaginal PH.) It could be that those men having daughters were married an acidic wife. And the sons in question might have an alkaline mother.

Another thing that contributes to baby gender is sexual position and timing.  Perhaps the couple used the same sexual position over and over again resulting in the same gender.  Perhaps they always conceived after or before ovulation each and every time.  There are many possibilities.

But you certainly can’t evaluate these possibilities by looking at a man.  And you can’t really “tell” what gender he will produce at all.  Because all men technically have the capability of making both.  If you want one over the other, your best bet is to control what you can – which is the mother-to-be’s PH, the sexual positions used, and the timing.

Incidentally, if a man has had a certain gender before, it’s a good sign that he’s fertile.  But you start over every time (when you’re taking about odds.)  Having girls previously doesn’t mean that you will have girls this time.  You’re dealing with the same X / Y chromosomes which gives you an equal chance of either gender, unless you do something to change that – like paying attention to the other variables discussed above.

If you’d like to more in depth information about how to control each variable to get the gender of your choice,  I’ve put together a couple of cheat sheets to try to make it easy. If you want a boy baby, see  http://conceive-a-boy-baby.comIf you want a girl, see

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