How To Use An Ovulation Kit To Get A Boy Or Girl Baby?

By: Sandy Dean:  If you’re been researching conceiving the gender of your choice, you probably already know that getting your timing right is one of the most important aspects of having success.  And make no mistake about it, you have to be very specific in your timing.  There are important differences between the timing for a boy baby and the timing for a girl.

Guessing or just trying to conceive mid-way through your menstrual cycle does not cut it.  There are too many things left to chance and your ovulation schedule can change from one month to the next.

The easiest way to have the type of precision that you need is to use an ovulation predictor.  There are basically two types that you can use: saliva and urine.  Both of these detect hormones in your bodily fluids.  You will either produce saliva on a slide or produce urine on a testing strip.

The Results Of The Testing As They Relate To Gender: If you are trying for a boy baby, you want to have sex after you get a positive reading. (With a urine tester/kit, you usually get a plus or positive sign on the strips.  With saliva, you have to read a chart and match it up to get a positive.)  For a girl, you want to be able to see that ovulation is coming and have sex before it actually happens.  It is for this reason that I prefer the saliva testers.  Based on the patterns that you see, you can tell not only when ovulation has occurred, but you also know when it is approaching.  This is easy because you are usually given a little booklet with your purchase.  When the saliva dries on the slide, it will form a pattern.  You then compare the pattern on the slide to the patterns in the booklet and match them up.  Doing that should tell you how many days you are from ovulation. (You can see what the saliva predators look like here on Ebay
Granted, the urine predictors don’t require much interpretation.  You generally just get a plus or positive sign, much like a pregnancy test.  So when you get that sign, you want to have sex not very long after that if you’re trying for a boy.  Because that positive tells you that ovulation has occurred and since the sperm can’t live forever, you want to act relatively quickly.

This can work OK when you want a boy.  As long as you are able to act quickly, this is workable.  But if you like to have advanced notice for planning purposes or if you want a girl, the saliva test will give you more a “heads-up” since you can see ovulation coming.

And I would argue that you don’t get that “heads-up” with urine predictors.  Some people say that they can see a very light positive as ovulation is approaching, but many do not.  I don’t like taking that sort of chance for something so important.

Plus, the saliva predictors are reusable.  You simply wash off the slide and it is ready for the next time.  You could use one predictor for multiple pregnancies.

While timing is important, PH and the positions used are just as important.  If you’d like to learn more about these two important steps, I have two FREE explanatory websites. If you want a girl baby, see If you want a boy, check out

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