I Want Another Baby Boy. Does It Matter When I Have Sex This Time?

By: Sandy Dean:  I sometimes hear from couples who are going for baby number two and who are looking for the same gender this time around also.  They often wonder if they have to do special or certain things in order to get the gender of their choice for a second time.  Sometimes, they wonder if they will just automatically get the same gender once again because something in their make up makes them more likely to conceive on gender over and over again.

You might hear something like: “I already have one little boy.  And I’d love for him to have a brother.  I really want another boy.  I’ve read that your diet and the timing of sexual intercourse can be important when you are trying to chose your baby’s gender.   But since I’ve already had one boy, do I really need to worry about when I have sex or what I eat?  Haven’t I already shown that I can conceive boys?”  I’ll answer this question as best as I can below.

Please know that this is only my opinion.  I’m not a doctor or fertility specialist.  I did do research on this topic however when I was conceiving my own children.  From the research that I have done, it’s my opinion that one baby of a certain gender certainly does not indicate a trend.  Many people have the opposite gender the second time around.  And frankly, it is the father-to-be’s sperm chromosome that fertilizes the egg and this is what determines whether you have a boy or a girl.  Men have equal amounts of boy and girl producing sperm.  And this makes sense because most experts will tell you that the chances of having a boy or a girl are roughly fifty percent each.

However, I do believe that the mother can have at least some influence over her baby’s gender.  Here is why.  An acidic vaginal PH discourages boy producing sperm.  An alkaline PH doesn’t affect it.  There are other factors that the mother can control also.  Having sex before ovulation makes a girl baby more likely (as the girl sperm live for longer periods of time.)  Waiting to conceive until after ovulation helps the short lived boy sperm.  Using deep penetration when you have sex is also beneficial if you want a boy.  These variables are easy to gauge and they are often relatively easy to achieve with the right tools.

That’s why my answer to the question posed would be that yes, in my opinion it would matter when you have sex.  Because having one boy doesn’t tell you that you will always have boys.  It’s a safe bet that the father would have plenty of girl producing sperm, one of which could make it to the egg first and produce a girl baby.  So, to have the best chance of getting another boy baby, it does make sense to plan when you have conception sex very carefully.  To have the best odds of having a second boy, you’d want to make sure you have an alkaline PH at conception and then have sex only after ovulation has occurred.  And using deep penetration would make sure that you covered all variables.

 Conceive a boy is a website I set up to make this process a little easier for couples who want a boy baby.  There are step by step instructions and resources that might help.  Check it out if you like at http://conceive-a-boy-baby.com/

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