I Wish I Could Conceive A Girl Baby. But I Don’t Think It’s Possible For Me

By: Sandy Dean: I sometimes hear from people who already have two or more of the same gender and who believe that they are not capable of producing the gender of their choice. Since I hear from a lot of women (who are probably the ones who are more likely to research this topic) I get a lot of correspondence from females who don’t think that they can conceive girls.

The comment might go something like this: “I don’t want to imply that I do not love my boys because I do. I want not trade them for anything and I love them deeply. They are wonderful children. But I have always wanted a girl. However, I have three boys. I worry that my sons will marry and they will then not be as active in my life at that time. You always hear that girls will always remain close to their moms while boys will marry and then become closer to their wife’s family. I want a girl to share female things with. I enjoy watching sports with my sons, but I’d like to have the experience of doing crafts and cooking with a daughter. I know that this might sound selfish since I already have three healthy children who I love. But if I could have one wish, it would be to have a daughter, but I don’t think that I am capable of it, seeing as I have three sons already.”

I am not sure that I believe that a woman is not capable of having a certain gender, especially when you look at the science involved. I can give you some tips that might help you get a girl baby, but I have to say that the only method guaranteed to give a girl is insemination with a doctor (because the doctor has the ability to implant only a girl embryo.) This process is very expensive, but it is the only way to be one hundred percent sure. There are some home methods that work well, but there is no guarantee since you can’t see which gender you are working with. So, you’d have to know that it’s possible to get another boy and to be OK with that. I feel strongly that every one ends up adoring whatever baby they have, regardless of what they were hoping for originally, but I believe that you can improve your odds.

It’s possible that your three boys just happened because each time you conceived, it just happened to be a Y sperm chromosome that fertilized the egg first. (You have equal chances of the successful chromosome being a girl-producing X or a boy-producing Y sperm chromosome. But think of it this way. When you flip a coin, you have equal chances of getting either heads or tails, but that doesn’t mean that you can’t roll heads three times in a row. It is statistically less likely to happen, but it does happen all of the time just the same.

Now, there are some variables which would make you more likely to have a girl. Since a man’s sperm contains the same numbers of both Y and X sperm chromosomes, let’s look at you. A woman who has an alkaline PH is more likely to get a boy because this is a friendly environment to Y sperm. A woman who conceives after ovulation is also more likely to get a boy. As is a woman who uses deep penetration and has an orgasm (because an orgasm makes the vagina more alkaline.) But think about it this way. You can change every one of these variables to make conceiving a girl more likely. You can make your PH acidic. You can conceive before ovulation. You can use shallow penetration and avoid orgasm.

Would these things mean you would definitely have a girl? No, there aren’t any guarantees, but I believe that it would increase your odds. Changing only one variable would matter, but changing all of them would matter much more.

I think that you are selling yourself short when you believe that you aren’t capable of something. But in the world of gender selection, you can help your odds, but the only way to have a guarantee complete success is to use a doctor. Still, if you want to have another baby anyway and you are ultimately going to be OK with whatever gender you have, then I think that this might be worth a try.

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