If I Am In Perimenopause , Am I More Likely To Have A Boy Or Girl, Assuming I Can Get Pregnant?

By: Sandy Dean: I sometimes hear from women who are a little older in age and who are wondering which gender they are more likely to get. Of course, this is all relative. A woman who is 30 might consider herself “older” while a woman approaching fifty might see herself as still fertile.

Part of your thinking about this probably depends upon your lifestyle, the stage you are in your life, and the way that you feel. But I also think that many of us see celebrities who are technically middle aged having healthy children seemingly with ease (like Halle Berry and Kelly Preston.) This gives off the perception that it’s easy to get pregnant any time that you want to – even when approaching menopause.

Someone might ask a question like: “I believe that I probably am approaching menopause. I have many of the signs, like weight gain, hot flashes, and mood swings. However, I still have my period so that makes me believe that I am not in menopause but am in perimenopause. I know that this is going to sound weird, but before I get to the point where I could not physically have a child, I would like to conceive one more. My husband and I are at a point in our lives where we are stable emotionally and financially. We feel that we have a lot to offer one more child, even though our current children are grown. I know that you probably can not get pregnant in menopause, but what about in perimenopause? Is this possible? And if so, are you more likely to get a boy or girl? I have two girls already and I would really like a boy?”

I am not an expert and I’d recommend that you consult one, but it is thought that women in perimenopause CAN become pregnant, but the chances are certainly not as high as it is for younger women. For example, it is said that a woman in her twenties has a roughly 20% chance of getting pregnant if she has sex during her ovulation period. And it is said that woman in her forties would have a 5% percent chance in those same circumstances. So for most women, the chances of getting pregnant decreases as you age. Of course, decreasing odds are not the same as impossible odds. Older women can and do become pregnant naturally.

However, some of those middle aged celebrities you see becoming pregnant have had help doing so via medical intervention. This is certainly an option, especially since you don’t know how many viable cycles you have left. (By the way, having menstrual periods doesn’t always mean that you are not yet in menopause. Some women in this phase of life have anovulatory menstrual cycles.) These are cycles that look and act normal, with bleeding but without ovulation. So at a certain age, seeing periods doesn’t mean that you are ovulating. It would make sense to test yourself for ovulation to be sure.

In terms of gender, there have been some recent articles indicating that older couples are slightly more likely to have girls. The statistics are pretty slight, with have suggested one percent decrease for a boy for the number of years over 40.

Again, a slightly decreased chance doesn’t mean that you can not have a boy over 40. Plenty of women do. Look at Kelly Preston. Frankly, it is the man’s sperm that decides gender. If a Y sperm fertilizes your egg, you get a boy. If it is an X, then you get a girl. Men’s fertility during middle age is different than women’s. Men produce new sperm all of the time. (And they produce equal numbers of X and Y.) So, even if your husband is older, he is still going to be contributing fresh boy producing sperm into the mix.

Women, however, start their lives with all of the eggs they are ever going to get. And these eggs age. Or run out. But that doesn’t mean that you can not get pregnant. Or get the gender that you want. If you are going to seek medical intervention for help becoming pregnant, then you can also ask your specialist about gender selection as part of that same process.

But if you want to try to influence or increase the odds of the gender that you want at home, there are ways to do this.  Here are a few websites that explain it step by step.  If you want a boy, check out  http://conceive-a-boy-baby.com.  If you want a girl baby, see http://conceive-a-girl-baby.com

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