If I Have A High Sperm Count, Will My Baby Get More Of My Genes? Am I More Likely To Have A Son?

By: Sandy Dean:  Often, I hear from women who are looking to become pregnant with their preferred gender.  Much of the time, the pregnancy and the gender are things that the father-to-be leave up to his wife or significant other.  However, occasionally, I do hear from some men who are either interested in how this works or who want to help the woman in their life to be successful with the gender of her choice.

Many of the mean rightly believe that their sperm is going to make a difference in both the baby-making and in the gender.  It is necessary for both.  But they are sometimes a little confused as to how it comes into play.  For example, they sometimes believe that because they are active, young, and hopefully fertile, then they have a high sperm count.  And they also believe that this high sperm count means that whatever child they conceive will be more like them than their wife (genetically, at least) and is also more likely to be a boy.

Here’s an example.  A guy might say: “I don’t want to be presumptuous but I am pretty sure that I have a high sperm count.  My brother has actually had his tested and his is high.  I’m young and healthy.  I’m very fit, tall, and muscular.  My wife is healthy also, but she is very slight and small.  I am hoping that this means that I have the advantage when it comes to our reproductive genes, which means that our child should take after me more.  Also, I hope this means that we are more likely to have a boy.  I love my wife and I’d like for our child to have her personality, but I’d like it to take after me a little more.”

Your offspring will have equal genetic material from both you and the offspring’s mother.  A high sperm count does not really affect baby gender or the baby’s genetic makeup.  Because a baby only needs one sperm and one egg.  It can’t use any more than that. It is going to get one part from you and one part from its mother and nothing more.  Unfortunately, the rest of that high sperm count will go to waste.  It only takes one. The rest is just extra.

As far as baby gender, regardless of a man’s sperm count, age, or vitality, he has equal numbers of sperm chromosomes present. That means he has an equal amount of girl and boy producing sperm.  So which one gets to the egg can either be chance if you don’t care which gender you get.  Or it can be very deliberate if you come up with a regimen designed to get a boy or a girl.  For example, couples who want a boy want to conceive later in the cycle, use deep penetration, and make sure that the female has an alkaline PH.  All of these things encourage the boy sperm and discourage the girl sperm.  If you wanted a girl, you would do the exact opposite.

I hope this article has been helpful.  Rest assured that often, children get the very best parts of both parents.  And most of the time, the parent finds this to be pretty perfect.

What to do when you want each gender can be somewhat confusing.  To help you out, I’d put together some free step by step websites. If you want a girl, see http://conceive-a-girl-baby.com/  If you want a boy, check out http://conceive-a-boy-baby.com/

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