If I Have Sex 14 (Fourteen) Days After My Menstrual Period, Will I Get A Boy Or Girl Baby?

By: Sandy Dean: I sometimes hear from people who are certain that, if they have become pregnant, they will be able to pinpoint the exact day on which they conceived. And they are often left wondering if this day of conception is going to yield a boy or girl baby. And many people will measure this day in terms of when it occurred after their menstrual period.

I might hear a comment like: “I know for a fact that I had sex fourteen days after the last day of my period. Because my husband was traveling, this was the only time that we had sex when I suspect that I was ovulating. So, if I was successful and able to become pregnant on that 14th day, will I get a girl or boy baby?”

Pinpointing Exactly When Ovulation Occurred Is Vital: There really isn’t any way to tell baby gender for sure until you see this on ultrasound. However, many believe that your timing CAN affect baby gender. The problem is that this timing often corresponds with your EXACT ovulation day and there was no information here as to when ovulation occurred. While it’s very common for many women to ovulate somewhere around day 14 after their menstrual period, there are tons of variations on this.  Some women are earlier and some are later. And the precise day is important. Because boy babies are a little more likely if you conceive after ovulation. But frankly, in this case, ovulation could have occurred on day 15 or later, which would have made a girl more likely.

Two Other Factors: So without knowing exactly when ovulation occurred (and whether it occurred before or after the intercourse,) it would be very difficult to say. Not only that, but timing is not the only thing that can influence whether you have a boy or girl. Timing as it relates to your ovulation date is only one variable out of three. You also need to consider your vaginal PH and your sexual positions.

I wish I could give you more information. But, I would need to know the exact ovulation day, the PH at the time of conception, and the sexual positions used. And even then, I could tell you which baby gender was more likely and not which one was definitely going to happen.

Hopefully, that one attempt at conception will be successful and you will know the baby gender soon enough. But if not, the next time, it would be advantageous to test for ovulation so that you know exactly when it happens. For a girl, you need to have sex before that. For a boy, you can wait until you get a positive reading. But you should also turn your attention to your vaginal PH as well as the sexual positions that you use. Because these variables matter just as much.

Want more information about making sure that you cover all of the bases when trying for a certain gender?  And by all of the bases I mean timing, PH, and positions. I’ve put together a few websites to make this process much easier.  I’ve broken it down into manageable steps.  If you want a boy baby, check out http://conceive-a-boy-baby.com If you want a girl, see http://conceive-a-girl-baby.com

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