If I Have Sex During Ovulation, Will The Ovulation Continue After Sex?

By: Sandy Dean:  Most people who want to conceive in the near future realize that a woman typically only has a certain period of time in any given month when she can become pregnant.  A woman will typically have a menstrual period which is eventually followed by an ovulation window.  This ovulation period is when a woman is most likely to conceive.  It is the time of the month when her egg is ready to be fertilized and is then released so that sperm can fertilize it for a pregnancy.

Naturally, people wanting to conceive will try very hard to identify this ovulation window and then to have sex around it.  This ensures that you have the highest chance of actually becoming pregnant.  But some wonder what happens once you DO have sex during this time period.  Does the act of having sex stop your window? Do you only have one shot at this?

Someone might say: “my wife has one of those ovulation predictor things that you pee on.  My understanding is that once she gets a positive, we should have sex because that means that she is ovulating.  But does having sex mean that her ovulation stops? Are there chemicals released or something that stop the ovulation?  We want a girl baby, so we want to make sure that we get it right.”

Actually having sex does not influence the ovulation at all.  Frankly, you could not stop this process (once it has started) if you tried.  A woman’s egg release has more to do with hormonal changes that relate to her monthly cycle.  In the days leading up to ovulation, she is still fertile because a man’s sperm can actually live for some time inside of her body.  So even if the egg has not yet been released, sperm that is waiting on the egg can still fertilize it.

Once the egg is released, the window begins closing because both the sperm and the egg are only viable (and can survive) for a short period of time.  This means that you can have sex for a few days before ovulation actually happens and also on the day of ovulation (or very shortly after it) and still get pregnant, regardless of how many times you have sex. The frequency of sex does not stop the ovulation.

Now, some people do feel that you should be deliberate with how many times you have sex during this period because if you have it too much, then sperm count (and also the quality) will be lower.  The validity of this depends on the man’s sperm count (and the quality of it) to begin with.  But to answer the question, no, having sex doesn’t stop ovulation.  In fact, in order to get pregnant, you’ll need to have it at least once during that window.  But nature wouldn’t be so cruel as to give you only one crack at it.  Yes, the window is only open for a short period of time, but you can have sex more than once during the window without it stopping ovulation.

As far as gender selection goes, the timing of sexual intercourse matters here.  If you conceive days before ovulation, you have a better chance of getting a girl, which is why waiting to get a positive using the pee or urine ovulation sticks are too late.  In my opinion, the saliva sticks are better because they give you more warning, especially if you want a girl. (You can see examples of the saliva sticks on Ebay here.

If you’re interested in steps to take to make sure you get the gender of your choice, I’ve broken it down on a couple of websites. If you want a boy baby, see  http://conceive-a-boy-baby.comIf you want a girl, see http://conceive-a-girl-baby.com

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