If I Want A Boy Baby, Should I Have Sex More Than Once Per Day? Is There Any Benefit To This?

By: Sandy Dean:  It’s very common for people who have decided that they’d like to conceive to want to get started right away.  This is understandable.  The decision that it is time to have a child is an exciting and important one.  And no one wants the process of conception to take very long.  Many people fantasize about the entire process only taking a few months.  No one wants to have to seek out the help of a fertility specialist or to wait too long to start a family.

To that end, it makes sense that couples want to maximize their efforts. Many think that it’s probably a good idea to have sex as many times as possible while the woman is fertile and can become pregnant.  So some couples consider having sex not only every day, but multiple times per day – at least while the woman is ovulating.

Someone might say: “my husband and I have started thinking about conceiving our first child and we would like for it to be a boy.  I’ve heard that it is harder to have a boy than a girl and therefore it may take many more tries to get pregnant.  I want it to happen right away.  I know that this is silly, but I don’t want to wait.  Ideally, I’d like for it to happen the first month.  I’m considering having sex every morning and night about two weeks after my period.  However, one of my friends says that you should abstain instead.  Is there any benefit to having sex multiple times?  It seems to me that every time we have sex, we have more chances to become pregnant.”

I’m not a doctor or specialist.  My answer is based on my research and my own process of conceiving.  It is thought that if your husband is a relatively young, healthy male and does not have any known issues with a low sperm count or low quality sperm, then there is no problem with having sex as often as you like.

However, if a man has an issue with low quality sperm or a low sperm count, than it is a better idea to let a couple of days pass in order to “built up” the sperm count.  If you don’t know if your husband falls into this category, many couples will use the strategy of assuming there isn’t a problem – unless they try to conceive for 6 – 12 months with no success.  Otherwise, if your husband is healthy and relatively young, there is no reason not to assume that he has normal sperm – unless other indicators pop up.

For a boy, your odds of success are increased if you have sex AFTER conception.  So having sex multiple times per day before you get a positive ovulation test would actually hurt your chances of having a boy.  It might help your chances of becoming pregnant, but it would also give you the window that would encourage a girl baby.  If you really want a boy, a good plan is to wait until you’re sure that the woman is ovulating (by a positive ovulation test and not just estimating or picking an arbitrary number after your menstrual period.) Once that occurs, there’s no issue with having sex multiple times.  And yes, it would increase the number of sperm and thus the number of chances for pregnancy. (By the way, most people think it’s easier to have a boy baby because you have that positive ovulation test to give you the green light that the time is right.)

However, once your ovulation window has closed, there is no benefit to continuing on.  You can’t become pregnant once your egg is no longer available for fertilization.  Of course, there are reasons to have sex other than conception.  But during your ovulation window, it makes sense to take advantage of your opportunities.  But if you want one gender over another, you have to be more picky with your timing.

Plus, a boy conception requires an alkaline PH and it helps to use deeper penetration to get closer to the cervix.  For step by step tips for having a boy, check out  http://conceive-a-boy-baby.com

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