If I Want To Conceive A Boy, How Many Days Before Sex Should I Eat An Apple?

By: Sandy Dean: I sometimes hear from folks who are trying to conceive the gender of their choice and who have heard old wives tales or advice about certain foods that they need to eat in order to reach their goals. I’ve heard silly things like eating hot dogs to get a girl baby or cough drops to get a boy baby.

All of this “advice” is based on the idea of changing your vaginal PH in order to make it more friendly or hostile to the man’s sperm. For example, if you wanted a boy baby, you’d want to make your vaginal PH hostile to girl sperm and friendly to boy sperm. The opposite is true if you are going for a girl baby. Many people hope that they can simply eat one food and have this happen. So I might hear from someone who says: “I am trying to conceive a boy baby. I’d like to conceive this week. How many days before sex should I eat an apple? My aunt told me that eating an apple before conception will get me a boy baby.”

This is a nice thought, but in my experience, it takes more than one food to significantly change your PH. It is true that apples are alkaline. And you need an alkaline PH to encourage a boy baby. But, depending on the PH that you already have, eating one apple is likely not going to be enough to make substantial changes.

Most people who trying to obtain the optimal PH for a boy baby determine their normal PH several weeks before they actually attempt to conceive. As ovulation approaches, they will begin to tweak their diet and they may even use alkalizing douches in order to get the right PH. As they change their diet and use the douches, the will continue to test to see where they are in the process. Once they reach the correct PH, then they simply try to maintain it. And of course, they won’t attempt to conceive until they make sure that they are still at those optimal levels right before sex.

Much of the time, it takes more than one apple. I guess the exception to this would be if you were just naturally alkaline and didn’t need very much tweaking. But I would suspect that this is the exception rather than the rule. Not only that, but PH is not the only thing that is important. The sexual positions that you use and the timing of sexual intercourse as it relates to your ovulation can also have an affect on your baby’s gender.

Now, most of the time, you have about a fifty percent chance or either conceiving a boy or girl baby. So, just eating an apple and hoping for the best is better than nothing. And you may get lucky and get what you want. But if you really want the best chance of getting a boy, just eating one apple is not taking full advantage of several opportunities that you may have to increase your odds of success.

With a little advanced planning, you take advantage of other variables besides just PH.  And this will greatly improve your odds. I’ve put together a few websites that explain choosing your baby’s gender step by step. If you want a boy, check out  http://conceive-a-boy-baby.com If you want a girl baby, see http://conceive-a-girl-baby.com

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