If My Ovulation Time Is Unknown, When Should I Try To Conceive To Get A Girl Or Boy?

By: Sandy Dean:  I sometimes hear from people who suspect that their ovulation date is going to be very important when they are attempting to choose their baby’s gender.  However, not every one is fully aware when they ovulate, especially if their ovulation schedule is erratic or if they have just decided that they want to conceive.  Understandably, once the decision to go ahead and try to have a baby or become pregnant has been made, most people want to get started as quickly as possible.

An example of a comment on my blog in this scenario is something like: “my husband has finally agreed that the time is right for us to go ahead and conceive.  I’ve been wanting to start this process for years, but he’s always told me that I need to wait until we are more financially stable.  Well, he just got a big raise at work.  So, he finally agrees that the time is right.  I can not wait to be a mom.  I want to start trying to become pregnant right away.   Because I wasn’t sure when my husband would allow for me to begin this process, I haven’t been tracking my ovulation. So my ovulation time period is completely unknown to me, although my periods are fairly regular.  I want a boy baby.  I want to honor my husband with his namesake.  So, when should I try to conceive, considering that my ovulation date is unknown?  I want to get started as soon as I possible can.”

For A Boy Baby: Actually, there was an advantage in this woman wanting a boy baby.   The reason for this is that the best timing for getting pregnant for a boy baby is to conceive after ovulation.  There was a chance that her ovulation had not yet happened this month.  My best advice would be to get an ovulation predictor and to begin using it at once.  In addition, she should also get a PH tester and gage her PH.   Because if her PH was not already optimal for a boy baby (alkaline), then she should  begin a douching or dieting regimen (or both) to change this.

The reason for springing into action is that if ovulation still hadn’t happened, there was still a chance that this month was salvageable for conception.  I would advice testing ovulation each and every morning upon waking.   You are looking for a distinct positive result that tells you that your ovulation is imminent.  Once you get this positive reading, you want to have intercourse in an attempt to conceive without the next 48 hours.

But what happens if you keep testing and you don’t get a positive? Well, that might mean that ovulation has already happened for this month.   If so, then just keep testing and wait for the next month’s ovulation schedule.  You are not likely to get pregnant if you’re not ovulating anyway, so it’s not like you are wasting time by waiting.  You are just waiting for your most fertile time.

For A Girl Baby:  Now, if she had wanted a girl, then this would be more tricky.  Because with a girl baby, you need to conceive before ovulation.  And in order to make that happen, you either need to gage ovulation for a while, or you need to use a more sensitive predictor (like saliva) that shows you when ovulation is approaching and not just when it has already happened.  Once either of these have been accomplished, then you would want to conceive 2 – 3 days before ovulation happens.

But to answer the question posed, I understand why ovulation is unknown right now.  But to have the best chance of success, you’ll need to get more information as soon as is possible.  Because the correct timing is vital in choosing your baby’s gender.  Guessing at this could potentially mean that you end up with the opposite of what you want.

Your timing is very important.  But it is only one variable that contributes to you baby’s gender.  PH and sexual positions are also very important.  I’ve put together a few websites that remove a lot of the guesswork and walk you through the 3 step process.  If you are trying for a boy baby, check out http://conceive-a-boy-baby.com/ And if you’re trying for a girl, check out http://conceive-a-girl-baby.com/

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