If The Man Produces A Lot Of Sperm Does That Mean That He Will Have A Boy Baby? Or A Girl? Does This Mean High Testosterone?

By: Sandy Dean:  Most people know that the sperm a man produces has much to do with the offspring (or baby) that he will ultimately produce. But people sometimes make the mistake of assuming that the amount of sperm is as important as the quality of that sperm.

For example, many people believe that the quantity of the sperm matters greatly in terms of both fertility and baby gender.  They believe that a man who ejaculates what they perceive to be “a lot” or a high volume of sperm to be more fertile or even more likely to have a boy baby than a man who produces less.

For example, I might hear from a woman who says: “when my husband and I have sex, I notice that he ejaculates for quite a long time.  Sometimes, it goes on and on for a while.  It always makes me flattered because we do have intense sex.  Now that we are trying to become pregnant, I wonder if all of the sperm means that we will have a boy.   Does he produce so much sperm because he has a high degree of testosterone?  And does this mean that we will get a boy?  Doesn’t testosterone equal a boy.  Because to be quite honest, I’d really like a girl.”

Volume Correlates With Frequency: There are a couple of factors that contribute to the quantity of a man’s ejaculate.  The most common is the frequency that you have sex.  A man who has sex every day probably will not produce as much at one time as a man who sustains for a while.

What Isn’t Affected By The Amount Of Sperm: Contrary to popular belief, “good” or intense sex does not contribute to how much sperm is ejaculated.  Some men produce more than others.  And even if it seems like a lot to you, the range tends to be anywhere from 1.5 mL to 6.0 mL (which is from about a third of a teaspoon to just over a teaspoon.)

Again, the amount released can vary from man to man and from day to day (depending on whether or not the man is getting regular sex.) However, the volume is not thought to be reflective of fertility, the relationship, or an indicator of a high amount of testosterone.  (And even if it was, all men have testosterone.  And testosterone does not produce boy babies.  If it did, we would have no girl babies.)

Plus, if your guy has a day when the volume just isn’t there, that doesn’t mean you won’t get pregnant or that he hasn’t enjoyed himself.  It doesn’t take a lot of sperm to produce a pregnancy – just healthy sperm.

Regardless Of Volume, Men Have Equal Numbers Of Boy And Girl Producing Sperm: Regardless of how much sperm there is, this does not affect baby gender.  Men have roughly equal numbers of both X (girl producing) and Y (boy producing) sperm each time that they ejaculate.  So whether the sperm volume is low or high, there would be equal numbers of each.  A higher amount of testosterone DOESN’T mean that a man produces more Y or boy producing sperm.  And a high volume of sperm doesn’t mean you will have a girl either.  Again, you have an equal chance of each in terms of his sperm because both genders are equally represented.

If you want a girl, it’s my opinion that you are better off changing what you can.  Since you can’t change his X to Y ratio, you can change the environment that you introduce these sperm to.  You can make life a little hard on the Y or boy producing sperm by having an acidic vaginal environment.  This deteriorates and kills of those sperm.  And an acidic environment is good and encouraging for girl sperm.

There are other variables that you can control also.  There are sexual positions and special timing that can give you a better chance of having a boy or girl. If you’d like a girl baby, see http://conceive-a-girl-baby.com If you want a boy baby, see  http://conceive-a-boy-baby.com.

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