If You Can Not Have An Orgasm, What Are The Chances Of Having A Son?

By: Sandy Dean:  If you have been researching methods to get a son, you likely already know that you want to have an alkaline PH in order to have the best chance of making this happen.  Female orgasm makes PH more alkaline, which is very convenient if you frequently have an orgasm when you are trying to conceive.  But this reality isn’t true of all women.  And some might wonder if your chances are significantly increased if you can’t always achieve this.

Someone might say: “under normal circumstances, I might have an orgasm 50 percent of the time.  It is just not that easy for me.  However, I am trying to become pregnant right now and we want a boy.  So we are using deep penetration when we have sex and these positions do not lend themselves to me having an orgasm.  Plus, I tense up when I think that we are trying to conceive.  So I don’t usually achieve orgasm when we are actively trying to become pregnant.  Will this mean that I can’t have a boy?”

In my opinion, this absolutely should not mean that you can not have a son.  Female orgasm is just ONE way to get an alkaline PH, but there are certainly other ways.  You can use foods.  You can use douching.  And you may already be relatively alkaline (although you won’t know that until you test.)

Plus, there are two other variables that go into baby gender (timing and sexual positions.)  Yes, you want to cover all three variables, but you can still cover the PH variable using food or douching. And even if for some reason you weren’t successful, taking care of your timing and your sexual positions should still help the odds for you to get a boy.

When you are taking this approach, every variable that you are successful with increases your odds. Each time you address a variable, you are making sure that the Y or boy producing sperm has the best chance to fertilize the egg and you are trying to discourage the X or girl producing sperm. (That’s why it’s optimal to be successful at all three variables because that is giving you the best chance.)  But even success with one variable should theoretically raise your odds.

Of course, it helps to experiment with sexual positions and to relax during sex when you want to orgasm.  But I don’t think that it’s necessarily a deal breaker if you can’t.  And stressing over it just makes it less likely to happen.  So just cover the bases that you can and try to relax and actually enjoy the conception process.  If you did nothing, you’d still have 50 / 50 odds.  By addressing everything that you can, you increase those odds, which is always a good thing.

If it were me, I would know my PH going into this.  And then I would tweak my diet and douche as necessary.  And I’d continue to test to see how different things affect me   Once you are aware of these numbers, there are some good resources to help you determine the optimal range for a boy baby.  I’ve listed some of the resources on some free blogs.   If you want a boy baby, see  http://conceive-a-boy-baby.comIf you want a girl, see http://conceive-a-girl-baby.com

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