If You Conceive In The Same Month As Your First Child Will The Gender Be The Same?

By: Sandy Dean:  It’s not uncommon for women who already have a baby of one gender to assume that they are likely to get the same gender when they become pregnant again.  What I mean by that is that mothers of daughters might suspect that they will have difficulty conceiving a son the second time around and vice verse.  Some worry that the method that they used the first time around might come into play this time.

For example, a woman who had a girl might say: “for my first pregnancy, I conceived in June and had a daughter.  This was ideal because the part of my pregnancy when I became big occurred when it was not so hot outside and I was comfortable.  I honestly wouldn’t mind conceiving in the summer again, but this time I want a boy.  One of my friends say that if I conceive in the same month as I did with my daughter, then I will have another girl.  Is this true?”

Well, it could be true, but not because of the month in which you conceived.  Unless you are using special methods to get the gender of your choice, you have about a 50 / 50 chance of getting either gender. A man’s sperm has equal numbers of girl and boy producing sperm and this doesn’t change, no matter what month you are trying to conceive in. Things that can influence baby gender are: the woman’s vaginal PH; the sexual positions used; whether orgasm took place (because it changes vaginal PH,) and when the woman ovulated in relation to when she attempted to conceive.  None of these things have anything to do with the month or the season.  And you can change these variables at any time during the year.

So for example, when you conceived in June, you may have had an acidic PH (which is hostile to boy sperm) and you may have ovulated before ovulation and used shallow penetration when you attempted to conceive.  All of these things would have discouraged boy sperm and encouraged girl sperm.  As you might deduct, if you had used the same methods in November, you may have gotten the same result.

So yes, if you do nothing the odds may give you the same gender that you had before as you have 50 / 50 odds anyway.  But if you want the opposite gender, then you’d just change up the variables needed for a boy (an alkaline PH, conceiving after ovulation, and the right sexual positions.) This can be done January through December, to be honest.  So there would be no reason that you could not conceive a boy in June.  You’d just want to keep an eye on the variables mentioned above.

To help you better understand how the variables come into play and when to implement each one, I’ve put together a couple of free websites that outline the process to choose your baby’s gender step by step.  If you want a boy baby, see  http://conceive-a-boy-baby.comIf you want a girl, see http://conceive-a-girl-baby.com

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