Is An Orgasm Necessary To Get Pregnant? Does It Affect Gender?

By: Sandy Dean:  You would think that in today’s society, we would all know everything there is to know about sex and conception.  With sex typically openly discussed on television and in books, I think that many parents assume that their kids know everything that they need to know.  This isn’t true though.  Because I often hear from people who have beliefs about conception and pregnancy that isn’t close to the truth or even approaching accurate.  I hear from folks who swear that you absolutely can not get pregnant while on your period or when you are using the rhythm method.  Or from people who believe that if the woman makes sure she doesn’t have an orgasm, she won’t get pregnant.  None of these things are true.

I also sometimes hear from people who want to become pregnant but aren’t sure what is required to accomplish this, but who have been given incorrect information from old wives tales.  For example, someone might say: “even though I’m an adult and I am not a newlywed anymore, I sometimes have trouble reaching orgasm when having sex. I am more likely to have orgasm when penetration is not happening.  However, some of my friends say that a woman can’t get pregnant if she does not have an orgasm.  This is a problem because I am trying to get pregnant.  But I rarely have one during regular sex, although I sometimes have one afterward.  Will I be unable to become pregnant if I don’t orgasm during conception?”

In order for pregnancy to occur, the man does have to ejaculate.  Because his sperm chromosomes are going to be necessary in order the fertilize the egg.  I’m not a fertility specialist, but here is how it works in a nutshell.  Your egg is fertilized by his sperm.   When this happens successfully, pregnancy occurs.   You won’t become pregnant each time you have sex.  You can only become pregnant during your short fertility window. For some couples, it can take months to be successful.  If pregnancy does not occur for that month, the egg will die off and the lining of the uterus is shed – which is when you get your menstrual period.  And this process happens again the next month.

Notice that at no time in this process was it mentioned that female orgasm was necessary.  It isn’t.  Many women enjoy it and pursue it.  But it is not necessary for pregnancy. In fact, some women will purposely not have an orgasm – especially women who want girl babies.  The reason for this is that a woman’s orgasm is said to make her vagina more alkaline which makes it more friendly for the boy sperm.  If you want a girl, you don’t want a friendly environment.  So avoiding orgasm is one way to do this.

However, if for whatever reason you don’t have an orgasm every time, it might help to know that this won’t affect your ability to become pregnant.  A man not ejaculating would have an effect because it would result in having no sperm available to fertilize the egg.  But female orgasm is not a necessity in the process.

If you are trying to get pregnant with a certain gender, here are a few websites that explain it step by step.  If you want a boy, check out  If you want a girl baby, see

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