Is It Good To Have Sex In The Morning On The Ovulation Day?

Most people who are trying to conceive do a bit of research and learn that a woman’s ovulation day is a very fertile time and a potential day to target if you are wanting to quickly conceive. So people sometimes wonder, if they want to make things simple, should they just conceive on the morning where they think that they will ovulate and just be done with it?

Someone might say: “my husband and I decided after my last period that we want to go ahead and conceive.  I’m not on birth control or anything like that, so I’d like to go ahead and give it a try this month.  I’m very regular, so I think that I probably ovulate on day 14, which is tomorrow.  Should I just wake up tomorrow morning and have sexual intercourse?  My husband and I both have pretty stressful work days, so it would be easier to do it in the morning.  Is this a good strategy?”

It can be, but I’d suggest actually testing your ovulation before you try this.  It’s a very easy process with either urine or saliva kits (like these on Ebay.)  The reason I suggest this is that your ovulation day can change from month to month.  I always assumed that I ovulated at around day 15 also, but when I actually tested myself, I was shocked that I ovulated quite a bit later than this.  If you are not right in your calculations, this can throw everything off.  You might think that you’re having sex right as your egg is released, but if you actually ovulate days later, then the sperm will be dying off.  If you ovulate days earlier, then you’re dealing with an egg that is not as fresh as you thought.

Now, all of this assumes that you only want to become pregnant quickly and you do not care which gender you get.  If you are going for a specific gender, then this changes things.  If you want a boy baby, having sexual intercourse on the day of ovulation is a good thing, except that ideally, you want to have sex AFTER you’ve gotten a positive reading.  Boy-producing sperm don’t live for as long, so you’re just trying to maximize their lifespan.  If you want a girl baby, you actually want to have sex BEFORE ovulation occurs and this is where a good saliva predictor can really help. The saliva predictors show you changes in your results as ovulation is approaching.  Some couples who want a girl will use a combination of saliva and urine predictors because when they approach a positive on the urine predictor, they stop.  (Since having sex after ovulation favors a boy baby, they want to make use of the window before this period.)

There are other variables besides timing, but since this article focused on the timing around a woman’s ovulation day, I’ll stop here.  If you want to read a little more on the other variables, I’ve out together a couple of free websites to discuss everything that can influence baby gender.  If you want a boy baby, see  http://conceive-a-boy-baby.comIf you want a girl, see

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