Is It True That Certain Sexual Positions Can Make One Produce The Desired Gender?

By: Sandy Dean: When you are trying to become pregnant and you share this news, people are not always shy about giving you advice.  Family members, friends, and sometimes perfect strangers who would otherwise mind their own business are suddenly giving you diet and sexual advice in order to help you conceive.  Some will even fill you in on certain methods that are said to affect your baby’s gender.

But, like all free and unsolicited advice, it can be difficult to know what is true and what is an old wives’ tale or just someone spouting off incorrect information.

Someone might ask a question like this one: “this is very embarrassing, but last night, I had dinner with my family.  I am a newlywed who is going to be trying to get pregnant soon. My grandmother playfully told me that I should have sex from behind if I want a girl baby.  I suppose she was talking about ‘doggie style,’ but that is not something that you ask your grandmother.  My grandmother has three daughters, so maybe she knows what she is talking about.  But I do not want a girl baby.  I want a boy.  But before I start researching specific sexual positions, is it true that this has any influence on your baby’s gender?”

Sexual positions are thought to be ONE of the variables that can help you influence baby gender.  Before I get into this a little more, I need to explain that when you want a girl, what you are trying to do is to get the boy sperm to die off.  You do this in a couple of ways.  You make the process slow, since the boy sperm doesn’t live as long as the girl sperm.  You make the process long.  And you make the process difficult.

Here is where the sexual positions come into the mix.  You can make the trip to the egg both long and slow by depositing the sperm as far away from the egg as possible.  If you used deep penetration, that would help the boy sperm by making the trip shorter and easier.  So, you’d want to do the opposite – you’d want to use shallow penetration when you are trying for a girl baby.

In this way, your grandmother was kind of correct. Penetration from behind is an effective way to accomplish deep penetration which is favorable to a boy baby.  For a girl baby, you will want to use control for shallow penetration.  The woman on top is a common position used for this. But any position can be used as long as control is used to keep penetration shallow.

So yes, sexual positions can be used as a variable to make the trip longer or shorter and this can end up affecting baby gender. Think about it.  If you’re making the trip more difficult for the boy sperm means that some of them die off, then there are more girl sperm present, which increases the odds for a girl.

In addition to sexual positions, you can achieve the optimal PH and timing also.  This helps you to whittle down the undesired sperm type even more.  Since this article only addresses one of the three variables, I’ve put together a couple of free websites to address the other two. I explain it step by step. If you want a girl, see If you want a boy baby, check out 

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