Is My Second Child More Likely To Be A Boy If I Already Had A Girl?

By: Sandy Dean: I sometimes hear from people, who, at least from a baby gender point of view, are looking for a little variety. They have already had one gender and they are looking for the opposite the next time that they are blessed with getting pregnant.

One example is the mom of a girl who now wants a boy. She might explain: “I am so in love with my baby girl. I have always wanted a daughter and I was so lucky to get that on my first try. But now I want for my husband to know the joy of having a son. And I know that in order to do right by all of our children, we can only afford to have two. So we really need to make the most of this next conception. I am hoping that since I’ve already had one girl, the universe will help me out and give me a son my second go round. I have been looking around at the park when I take my daughter to play and I’ve noticed that a lot of families have one of each. So is my second child more likely to be a boy since I’ve already had a girl? It seems to me that since the world has about equal amounts of each, the universe is pretty good at dividing them equally and I hope it does the same with my family.”

Well, it does work out that the genders are roughly even. And one reason that this happens is because the universe is designed so that a man’s sperm contains equal amounts of girl-producing sperm and boy-producing sperm. You get a boy if the Y or boy-producing sperm is the lucky winner to make it to the egg. And you get a girl if an X sperm chromosome makes it to the egg.

Since all things are theoretically equal, you would have a nearly equal chance of either gender as a result. But, think about this. Even in games of equal chance, the same outcome can happen over and over again. You can flip a coin and land on heads or tails twice in a row or even four times in a row. You can roll the same die twice in a row. It’s not always likely. But it certainly happens.

And unfortunately, the universe has no way to take into account which gender you’ve already gotten. You have the same equal amounts of X to Y each time you attempt to become pregnant.

This may sound a bit depressing when you’re trying to get a certain gender. It might make you feel a little better to know that although you can’t control the father – to – be’s sperm ratio, it is thought that you can control what happens to it once it enters the woman’s body – at least somewhat.

For example, women are who are acidic are said to have a better chance to have girl babies because the acidity is hostile to Y sperm. You can easily test your PH with PH strips. And you can try to change your PH if it’s not favorable to the gender of your choice through diet or douching. (The female having an orgasm also makes the PH less acidic But that is sometimes not enough to change the PH significantly.)

Also, the timing of intercourse and the positions used are said to influence your baby’s gender. So, while at first glance, you have the same chance to get either gender with your second pregnancy, you can try some things to increase the odds of getting the gender of your choice.

If you’d like step by step instructions of what to do for each gender and when, I’ve tried to make it easy to understand. I’ve put together a few websites that explain it more directly. If you want a girl baby, see If you want a boy, check out

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