Is There Any Role Of A Woman In Conceiving A Boy Or Girl?

By: Sandy Dean:  I sometimes hear from people who have done a little research about conception and gender selection.  Many have mistakenly come to the conclusion that it is the man who has the only and most important role – especially as it relates to the baby’s gender.  After all, it is the man who provides the sperm.  And it is the sperm that dictates your baby’s gender.

The thought process of many would-be mothers goes something like this: “I’m very discouraged that there is not much that I can do about my baby’s gender.  Everything that I read says that it all comes down to the man’s sperm.  So I pretty much provide an egg (which I can’t control and which is always the same sex chromosome. ) And it is the man who has the variation that makes a boy or girl possible. From what I understand, we can’t really control those chromosomes either, since men have the same numbers of each.  So, what is a woman who is trying to conceive supposed to do, just keep her fingers crossed?  Does she have any role at all?”

Yes, a woman can definitely have a role in her baby’s gender.  I will discuss that momentarily.  But first, I want to stress that, even if you were to discount baby gender, your role is very important.  It is your body that is going to carry, nourish, and protect the baby.  Without you, no baby would be possible.  Never discount that.  And give yourself credit for it.  Now, let’s discuss the woman’s role in the baby’s gender.

Why The Woman Or Mother-To-Be Can Have Very Important Roles In Her Baby’s Gender: In a sense, you can look at the mom-to-be’s body as the welcome station or the gatekeeper for the sperm.  She’s welcoming in two different types – boy-producing sperm (Y) or girl-producing sperm (X.)  Depending on which gender you want, you can either try to make your body friendly or hostile to the different types of sperm.

While the man releases equal numbers of both types, you can try to make it so your body helps to weed out the sperm that you don’t want.  For example, a couple who wants a girl baby would be smart to conceive early, have a very acidic vaginal PH and use shallow positions when love making.  Why?  Because these scenarios help to weed out Y sperm that produces baby boys, giving you a better chance for a girl baby.  Likewise, couples who want a boy would conceive late, have an alkaline PH, and use deeper penetration when love making.

The above scenarios either make the environment easier or harder – depending on the gender that you want.  In terms of vaginal PH, the woman’s role in that can’t be over stated.  Only she can manipulate her PH to make the trip easy or hard for those sperm.  And this isn’t the only way that she contributes. Frankly, I find that the woman often takes the biggest role in planning conception.  She is usually the one marking her temperature or calculating her ovulation testing results on the calendar so she can gauge where she is in her cycle.  She is usually the one who pinpoints the optimal early or late day depending on her desired gender.  And she is usually the one who educates the man about which sexual positions are best to use during conception.

So yes, the woman has a very huge role to play.  Not only is her body a save haven for the baby.  But prior to conception, she can make her body either friendly or hostile to certain types of sperm – tipping the odds in her favor to get the desired gender.  And she’s usually the one who decides on the optimal date and sexual position – all of which can matter greatly when it comes to baby gender.

It’s probably now obvious that PH, timing, and sexual positions are vitally important.  And the woman contributes to all three.   I’ve put together a few websites that explain the contribution of each parent step by step. If you want a girl baby, see If you want a boy, check out

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