My Husband And I Are Newlyweds And Have Sex At Least Every Other Day. Which Gender Will We Get Pregnant With?

By: Sandy Dean: I hear from a good deal of newly married couples.  Many are considering starting their families.  And a lot of them believe that they already have the frequency of sex covered because, being newlyweds, it is their habit to have sex frequently.  Since many are still relatively young, most feel confident that they will be able to get pregnant.  What is less clear is what gender they will get when they do.

Someone might ask: “I have heard that you have to be deliberate with your sexual intercourse when you want to become pregnant.  But I think that this is for old married couples.  My husband and I are newlyweds and we are in our early twenties.  Because of this, we sometimes have sex every day.  This is just natural for us.  It is not because we are trying to become pregnant. It is just because we are really attracted to one another and like having sex. There are times when we get busy and we may have sex every other day, but that’s honestly the longest that we would go. So I don’t feel that we need to schedule anything because we are having plenty of sex.  Anyway, we are going to start trying to become pregnant soon and I would like a boy.  Does our schedule work for this?  Which gender is more likely if you have sex all the time?”

Honestly, people generally think that the more sex you have, the better – in terms of conception.  And this can be true if you don’t have a preference as to gender.  Each sexual encounter gives you a chance to become pregnant.  People think that the more sex you have, the better the odds.  This is only sort of true.  A woman can only get pregnant during her ovulation period.  So sex during other times of the month doesn’t really increase your chance of becoming pregnant. But the more sex that you have during your ovulation period, the better the chance of a pregnancy (although it only takes one sperm chromosome to fertilize the egg.  Theoretically, you only need one, but the sperm do have quite a long way to travel.)

It gets a little more tricky when you care about the gender that you get.  Earlier ovulation favors a girl baby.  Late ovulation favors a boy.  (There are other factors as well, which I’ll discuss a little later.)  If you are having sex without knowing when you ovulate and you are having it every day, you might have a slightly better chance of a girl, since early conception favors girl babies.  However, if you skip a day or are doing every other day and you don’t know when you ovulate, then it gets tricky.  Your “off” day could be ovulation while your “on” day might be the day of ovulation.  Depending on the time of day you ovulated and when you had sex, you could be conceiving after ovulation, which would favor a boy.  But this certainly leaves a lot to chance.

The bottom line is that if you have a gender preference, it’s better to be deliberate during your ovulation period.  Sex any time when you’re not trying to conceive is fine.  But you want to be deliberate about WHEN you are having sex during your ovulation window.  And you want to test yourself so that you know exactly when you ovulate.   That way, you can have intercourse accordingly to give you the best chance of getting what you want.

I know that this can be confusing, but there really is more than one variable to consider. You have to worry about timing, vaginal PH, and sexual positions.  And they all need to happen at the right time.   I’ve put together a couple of websites with step by step instructions to try to make this a step by step and easy process. If you want a boy baby, see  http://conceive-a-boy-baby.comIf you want a girl, see

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