My Husband’s Parents Had All Boys. What Does This Mean?

By: Sandy Dean: I sometimes hear from folks who are looking at the genders of their parents or of  their spouse’s parents and are wondering what all of it means for them. This is particularly true if the gender is not the one that they are currently hoping for. As an example, if all of your siblings are girls and you want a boy, you can wonder what this means. Or, if your husband’s parents had all boys and you want a girl, then this might have you worrying somewhat.

I might hear from someone who says: “I really want a girl baby. I am an only child. So I never had sisters or brothers. I guess that is why I think that I might relate more to girls. But the problem is, my husband is one of four boys. I am afraid that this means that I am destined for boys too. It makes me afraid that my husband is carrying all boy sperm. Some of my friends say that this is a silly worry. But some of my friends say that I should start buying blue clothing since I definitely have baby boys in my future. Who is right?”

Well, it’s impossible to see into the future, especially since baby gender is roughly 50 / 50 odds unless you attempt to intervene. But your husband’s family really should not have any bearing whatsoever on your own baby’s gender. I know that some people believe that the man inherits his genes from his father (and this would include what type of sperm he might have.) But even if this were the case, clinical studies have indicated that men have equal numbers of girl and boy producing sperm.

To ease your worries, it’s important to understand what contributes to your baby’s gender. Remember that the man produces equal numbers of boy and girl sperm. But the sperm act in different ways. The girl sperm live for a longer period of time. So having sex and attempting to conceive before ovulation helps in getting a girl baby because it capitalizes on the girl producing sperm’s strength’s and exploits that of the boy producing sperm.

Also important is the woman’s PH. Why does this matter when every one tells you that it’s the father’s sperm that determines the baby’s gender? Because the woman’s vaginal PH can either be hostile or friendly to that sperm. An alkaline PH is more friendly to boy producing sperm, while an acidic one is more favorable when you want a boy. This same line of thinking is why it’s favorable to use shallow penetration when you want a girl (it makes the vulnerable boy producing sperm work harder.)

But to answer the original question, I don’t think that it necessarily means anything that your husband has three brothers. It could be just the luck of the draw. You can certainly roll heads four times in a row if you throw a quarter in the air. Or, perhaps your husband’s mother is naturally alkaline and that helped to encourage the boy producing sperm. All of this is guessing and there isn’t really any way to know after the fact. So my best advice would be to control what you can – which is your own baby making regimen. Find out your vaginal PH and your ovulation schedule and then plan accordingly. But his parent’s conception attempts should not affect yours at all.

Take control of your own regimen. If you’d like step by step instructions of how to do this and when, I’ve put together a few websites that explain it step by step. If you want a girl baby, see If you want a boy, check out

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