Old Fashioned Methods For Influencing Or Choosing Your Baby’s Gender (And How You Can Improve On Them)

By: Sandy Dean:  Today, we have many cool technologies that help couples become pregnant that would have otherwise have been childless.  We even have technology that allows us to chose our baby’s gender.  But because this technology (PGD or preimplantation genetic diagnosis) is so extremely expensive, many couples today can not afford it.  Few young couples can afford to cough up several thousand dollars for something that just seems like a preference.  Many couples would be happy with either gender, and aren’t willing to go so far as to pay that much money for one gender over another.

But what happens when you have a preference and want to try free methods to see if you can make that dream come true? Well, you can do what our grandmothers did.    Many of our grandmothers could not have dreamed about technology that could give babies to infertile couples or give a couple the gender of their choice, but that didn’t stop them from trying natural methods to get the baby that they wanted or needed at the time.  Perhaps they needed boys to work in the farms or girls to work in the home.  Regardless of the reasoning, our grandparents tried natural gender selection methods that worked some of the time.

Frankly, many of these methods can work even better today.  And luckily, we now have very inexpensive technologies that can improve the odds of those methods.  Below, I’ll describe some of those methods that our grandparents used for gender selection and I will tell you how you can modernize them to be a little more effective.

The Rhythm Method:  Many people think of the rhythm method as something you use when you’re trying not to become pregnant.  But people also use it when they want to PLAN a pregnancy.  The idea is that you either avoid sex or have it when you know that you are ovulating.  But people sometimes take this even further.  They have sex when they know that the sperm chromosome of their choice (X when you want a girl and Y when you want a boy) is most likely to thrive.  This is before ovulation when you want a girl and after ovulation when you want a boy.

Now, our grandparents did not have ovulation predictors.  They basically had to guesstimate their ovulation date based on how they felt and how their cervical mucus looked.   But we have inexpensive and reliable predictors that means we should never have to guess.  Because this method is only effective when you absolutely know precisely when you ovulate and then take action.

Using Homemade Substances To Change Vaginal PH:  Back when our grandmothers were young brides and mothers, douching was a normal part of personal female hygiene.  It was considered to be almost a necessary.  And today, it would be like not wearing deodorant or using soap.  But modern doctors advise that women do not douche.  They tell us that it interferes with the natural and healthy balance of the vagina.  Women who want to encourage a friendly vaginal environment for the gender of their choice will often douche to either get a an alkaline environment (for a boy) or an acidic one (for a girl.)  You can also eat acidic or alkaline foods so that you don’t have to depend on douching as much.

Thankfully, modern times have given us PH testers so that we know when we’ve reached our ideal PH.  We don’t have to continue to douche when it isn’t necessary or drastically change our diet and we do not have to guess.

Being Choosy About Sexual Positions:  Deeper penetration is better for having a boy babies and shallow penetration is good to getting pregnant with girl babies. However, our grandparents were not as adventurous sexually because attitudes about sex were not as open.  Of course, no one was in their bedrooms, but it’s widely thought that this generation did not use a wide variety of sexual positions when making love.  Today, there is less of a stigma about that so perhaps this goal is a little easier to achieve.  Plus, there is not one right or wrong position for each gender.  It is essentially which position allows you to achieve the optimal depth based on the height and body type of you both.

Ideally, you want to combine all of the above methods with inexpensive modern tools to get the gender of your choice without needing to spend a lot of money.   I’ve put up some free websites to explain this process step by step. If you want a boy, check out  http://conceive-a-boy-baby.com If you want a girl baby, see http://conceive-a-girl-baby.com

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