Should I Be Eating Something Special After Intercourse In Order To Conceive A Girl Or Baby Baby?

By: Sandy Dean: I sometimes hear from people who are looking for ways to get the gender of their choice after they have attempted to conceive. What I mean by this is that they think that if they eat something or use a special douche after they have had sex to make a baby, they are hoping that this act will influence their baby’s gender.

Someone may ask: “my husband and I are trying to conceive a boy baby. My mother-in-law told me that it was good to take in protein when trying to have a boy and that perhaps I should have a steak after sex. My husband isn’t really a fan of steak. What type of food is best to eat after intercourse when we want a boy baby?”

While it’s nice to celebrate with a nice meal after you try to make a baby, what you do AFTER conception doesn’t make much of a difference in terms of your baby’s gender. The truth is that once a man’s sperm fertilizes a woman’s egg, the baby’s gender is set in that instant. Here is why. There are two possibilities in terms of which type of sperm can fertilize the egg. A man’s sperm has sperm chromosomes that are Y (boy) and X (girl.) He has equal amounts of each. If a Y fertilizes the egg, you get a boy – right then. The opposite is true if it’s an X that fertilizes the egg.  You get a girl in that case, in the moment that sperm meets egg.  Of course, the baby will have to develop over the course of nearly ten months.  But the gender is set immediately. People will attempt all sorts of things to change the gender after conception (sometimes they do this even before they know the gender,) but there’s really nothing that you can do after conception has already happened.

Now, if you end up not being pregnant, you can try a different method next time. Actually steak (and many animal proteins) are more acidic than alkaline. Typically, women trying for boys will want to be alkaline because this is more favorable to those Y sperm. The thing is, you want to use foods (or douches) before you have intercourse.  You need time to make your PH optimal. This is something you want to pay attention to well before you attempt to become pregnant.

In fact, there are many things that you can consider in the weeks before you actually want to become pregnant. You’ll want to know when you ovulate because intercourse before ovulation favors girl babies. Intercourse after ovulation favors boys.  In terms of your diet, which affects your PH as discussed above, you don’t want to guess at your PH. You can test yourself and continue to test yourself as you change your diet so you can know when you reach the optimal PH level, depending on the gender you want.

Unfortunately though, eating something after conception (regardless of whether it’s acidic or alkaline) isn’t going to affect baby gender. However, having sex doesn’t mean you’ve conceived. You won’t know that for a few more weeks – at least. So if it turns out you are not pregnant, you can pay attention to what you eat (well beforehand) and test your PH in anticipation for your next attempt.

Next time, have a plan well before you have sex in an attempt to conceive. I’ve put together a few websites that explain it step by step. If you want a girl baby, see If you want a boy, check out

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