Potassium and Y Sperm

I sometimes hear from women who have read that bananas and high levels of potassium in their diet might increase their Y sperm and give them better odds of getting a boy baby. The idea behind this is that foods that are high in potassium would make the vaginal PH more alkaline, which favors a boy baby. People who want boys will often try to increase their intake of bananas or other high potassium food. Some will resort to taking dietary supplements.

There is a study out of the University of Oxford which indicated that women who had a diet high in calories AND who ate more bananas had a slightly better chance of having sons – (56% as opposed to the 50% that happens in nature.) This is a very slight statistical difference, but it is a difference just the same. Specifically, the women who were more likely to have sons ate breakfast, included bananas in their diet, and took in more calories than the other women. The mothers who had daughters were more likely to skip breakfast. Now, this was a very small study. There were only 740 women in the study, so it’s probably not a great idea to just eat tons of bananas because of one small study. Having really high potatassium can cause heart palpitations, so overdoing it on any one food is never a great idea, especially if you want to get pregnant.

I’d advise that if you want to try bumping up your calorie intake, eating bananas, and embracing breakfast, test your PH before the process so that you can see if this is having the desired affect on your PH. You should see it becoming decidedly more alkaline. Some women will douche with specific formulas right before intercourse if they can’t get the PH that they are looking for, but others are able to hit the target with diet alone.

Finally PH is just one piece of the puzzle. Timing is also important since the Y or male sperm are short lived. You would not want to conceive before ovulation because many Y sperm do not live long enough to wait for the egg. Also, you want to use optimal sexual positions that will put the sperm close to the cervix to help the vulnerable Y sperm have less distance before reaching their destination.

So yes, potassium, breakfast, and calories have shown an extremely slight rise in the likelihood of getting a boy baby. But the advantage is slight, so you want to be very sensible about this (while discussing any concerns of health issues with your doctor.) You never want to overdo it on a certain food. And you want to combine this optimization with using the right timing and positioning. If you don’t like bananas or just don’t want to increase your potassium, there are other foods that can affect PH and give an alkalizing affect as well.

If you’re curious about optimizing PH, timing, and sexual positions, I’ve put together some free websites to outline the steps you’d want to take. If you’d like a girl baby, see http://conceive-a-girl-baby.com If you want a boy baby, see  http://conceive-a-boy-baby.com.