Baby Gender And Lunar Prediction When You’re Trying For A Girl Or Boy Baby: How Does It Work

I sometimes hear from people asking me how they’d use Chinese lunar prediction to help them get the gender of their choice.  I have to admit that until I researched this topic, I had no idea what they were talking about.  But here is what I learned.  The lunar prediction can be used if the mother is already pregnant or it can help her to plan if she is trying to get pregnant.

I will fully admit that I don’t buy into this at all, but here is how it works: you calculate the mother’s lunar age at the time of conception. (There are charts that can help you to do this.  It’s typically a couple of years older than your real, biological age.)  Then you get the lunar month of conception.  (Again, this is the Chinese month, which you will have to convert using a chart.)  Once this is done, you go to another chart and you line up the mother’s age with the month of conception, where it will either say “boy” or “girl.”  If you’ve not yet conceived, then you obviously can’t use the calendar yet because all you’d have is the mother’s lunar age.  So what you’d want to do is figure out which months would give you the gender that you wanted and then attempt to conceive during those months only.

This is problematic in a couple of ways.  First, you’re going to be wasting half of the months on the calendar (since they alternate between boy and girl.)  Second, you can only become pregnant when you ovulate.  So what if you ovulate right at the end of the month or the beginning or another month?  Which month do you count?  What if your ovulation days do not line up correctly?

I suppose that this method is trying to get you to pay attention to your timing, but scientifically, timing matters because there is only one time during any specific month when a woman can become pregnant – and that is during her ovulation period.   Now, it is said that if a woman conceives before that time period, she is more likely to have a girl.  And if she conceives after it, she is more likely to have a boy.  To me, that is the timing that makes sense and it is based on the time when you can actually become pregnant – ovulation.

I know that these types of calendars are fun and if you are already pregnant, there is no harm at all in seeing what happens when you enter your information.  But if you are actually trying to plan a pregnancy and trying to get a specific gender, I think there’s a much better way where you can use what you know about your own body and you can actually test yourself (with PH test strips) to know what time frame you are dealing with rather than just using a calendar that knows nothing about when you ovulate or what you are trying to achieve.

If you’d like to explore methods of getting a certain baby gender that you can actually test, I’ve out together a couple of free websites to discuss everything that can influence baby gender and how you can test each one.  If you want a boy baby, see  http://conceive-a-boy-baby.comIf you want a girl, see