Is It True That Men That Can Produce Baby Girls Have Stronger Genes Than Those Who Produce Baby Boys?

By: Sandy Dean: Most people know that in terms of your baby’s gender, it is ultimately the man’s sperm chromosomes that determine if you have a boy or girl baby. Because if one of his Y sperm fertilizes the woman’s egg, then the result is a boy baby. If one of his X sperm chromosomes fertilize the woman’s egg, then the couple will have a girl baby.

However, this doesn’t tell you the whole story. Even though men have equal numbers of X and Y sperm, there are things that people attempt to do in order to get the girl or boy baby of their choice. And these attempts are usually based on some characteristics that we know about those different sperm chromosomes. For example, we know that the boy sperm are faster but weaker. They will make it to the egg more quickly. But they will die off days or hours earlier than girl sperm. Although the X or girl producing sperm are more slow, it takes them longer to weaken or die off. So, people often assume that the girl sperm “are stronger.”

This sometimes makes people wonder if men who produce girl babies have “stronger” or “better” genes. I might hear someone say: “I am in love with a man who I want to marry. I am hoping that we will marry within a year. Once that is done, I would like to have a family with this man. He has two sons from a previous marriage. This worries me because I have heard that men who produce girl babies have good genes while men who produce boys do not. I love this man, but it’s important to me that my future children are healthy and have good genes. If he can’t produce girl genes, then I might have second thoughts.”

This actually isn’t an uncommon thought process. People sometimes comment to me that they think that men who seem to produce more girl sperm or who have daughters are more virile and strong. Consider this. Men produce the same number of boy and girl sperm, regardless of the gender of baby that they have already produced. So if the this thinking were true (that men who have daughters have good genes) then what happens to the boy sperm that this man also has?  Because he does have both.  Men do not have either girl producing or boy producing sperm. They have both. And they have them in equal numbers.

Not only this, but there are other factors (besides the man’s sperm) that help determine whether a couple has a girl or boy baby. The mothers PH, as well as timing and the sexual positions used can also influence baby gender. In other words, this woman’s boyfriend could have two daughters because his ex wife was always acidic during conception. There are a number of combinations that can contribute to having a boy or girl baby. And the woman or mother can influence this also. It is not always the man.

So to answer the concern, because men have equal amounts of girl and boy producing sperm and because the mother can influence baby gender also, there is no validity whatsoever to the assumption that men who produce daughters have good genes or that men who produce son’s have bad ones.

If you’d like to know more about what really matters in terms of choosing your baby’s gender, I’ve put together a few websites that explain it step by step. If you want a girl baby, see If you want a boy, check out