How Can A Man Produce More X Or Female Sperm So I Can Have A Girl Baby?

By: Sandy Dean: Women often theorize that they get the baby gender that they do because their husband or significant other doesn’t produce enough of the right type of sperm.  In other words, mothers of boys will think that their husband can’t produce any or enough girl producing sperm (X.)  While mothers of girls will think that their husband doesn’t make enough Y sperm, which is the sperm that produces sons.

Someone might say: “I know that my husband can produce a girl baby.  His first daughter from his first marriage was a girl. That was over eleven years ago, though.  Now he is remarried to me and we have two children – both of them are boys.  So my theory is that my husband is no longer producing as much girl sperm, if any.  I want a girl for my third child.  I want this very badly.  So what can I do to make my husband produce more X sperm?  My girlfriends were teasing that I should feed him feminine things like fruity drinks or chocolate.  That’s probably silly, but I’m willing to try anything.  How can I get him to produce X sperm once again?”

I do understand your concern.  Some people will say it’s petty to have a preference as to your baby’s gender when you are trying to get pregnant.  I don’t think it’s petty so long as you’ll love whatever you ultimately get.  But there’s nothing wrong with trying to up the odds in your own favor.

However, I think you might be making a mistake to assume that your husband isn’t producing any or enough X sperm.  If a man is producing sperm at all, he’s generally producing equal numbers of both X and Y.  There have been studies on men who’ve only produced one gender time and time again.  The assumption was that these men would only have sperm that would produce the gender of the children they already had. However, this wasn’t what the researchers found at all.  They found that these men had equal amounts of sperm that could produce either a boy or girl. So men who had only daughters were able to produce boy sperm and vice verse. I’m certainly not a doctor, but unless you know of a medical issue, I’m not sure that there’s any reason to assume that your husband is producing anything other than both X and Y sperm.  Your having two boys could be absolutely random (since you 50 / 50 odds each time.)

Or, it could be that your own PH trends toward alkaline.  Women with an alkaline PH have a more friendly environment toward a boy conception. And some women are naturally alkaline without knowing it or without doing anything to make it come about. This isn’t the only possibility, though.  Having intercourse late in your ovulation cycle is another factor that may be causing you to be more favorable to conceiving boys, as is having a female orgasm during intercourse and /or using deep penetration.  All of these things could have given the boy sperm advantages.  And these things have nothing to do with your husband’s sperm.

But, if you can reverse this, you might get the reverse result next time and have a girl. If you create an acidic environment and conceive earlier, you might see a difference. See, it’s really not about making more X sperm because the chances are good that you already have an equal number of X and Y sperm to work with.  The better strategy is to try to encourage the X sperm and kill off the Y sperm after it’s release and before it can fertilize your egg.

And there’s a lot that a woman can do to influence her baby’s gender. And there’s also plenty of strategies to discourage what she doesn’t want. I’ve put together a few websites that explain it step by step. If you want a girl baby, see If you want a boy, check out