I’ve Had Four Baby Girls. Does This Mean That I Can’t Have A Boy?

By: Sandy Dean: I sometimes hear from people who have given birth to the same gender of baby over and over again. As a result, they do not believe that they are able to have anything other than the gender that they have already have. Because many have experienced say, multiple girl babies or multiple boys, they’d like to try for what they don’t have but they worry that this might not be possible.

For example, I could hear from a woman who says: “believe it or not, I already have four daughters. I conceived my first child (a girl) while I was still in high school. I got married in my twenties and had two girls with my first husband. And I have had one additional daughter with my current husband. Now, I want to conceive again. Things are great in my life and I feel like i just have one more baby in me. This time, I would like to have a boy, but I worry that because I’ve already have four girls, it’s not possible for me to have boys. I wouldn’t worry as much if all four of my girls had been conceived with the same man, but this just isn’t the case. So now I’m worried that the problem is me and that I can’t have a boy. Is this true? And isn’t it supposed to be the man who controls the baby’s gender? What are the chances that all three of these men could only produce girls?”

Frankly, I don’t ever believe that getting the gender of your choice is impossible. There are definitely easy and very inexpensive (and in some cases free) things that you can do at home to try to greatly improve your chances. But first, let’s talk about what determines your baby’s gender. To make a baby, you have the father’s sperm chromosomes and the mother’s egg. Off all of the sperm that a man contributes, only one is going to make it the egg and result in a pregnancy (except in the case of twins or multiples.)

Men produce two types of sperm chromosomes in roughly equal numbers. People often think that some men only produce boy producing sperm chromosomes or female producing sperm chromosomes but studies have shown that this isn’t true. Not only do men produce both, but they produce them in roughly the same numbers. If an X sperm chromosome fertilizes the egg, you get a girl. If it’s a Y, you get a boy.  In most cases, the odds are about 50 / 50 for each.

So, in this case, why was it that three different men had produced X chromosomes that resulted in four pregnancies with girl babies. Well, it could have just been sort of a fluke. Sure, it’s a little against the odds, but it happens. It would be like flipping a coin and having it land on heads instead of tales four times in a row. You wouldn’t expect this, but it could happen.

Or, there might be something else at play here. Sometimes, the mother’s PH, timing, or sexual positions used can make a girl or boy baby more likely. For example, women who are acidic have a better chance of getting girl babies since this weakens those boy or Y sperm. That’s usually the first suspicion when you see a woman who continues to have girls – that she is very acidic and therefore there are less boy sperm that survive long enough to even make it to the egg.

This is unfortunate, but you can attempt to address it. You can change your diet or use douches to make your PH more alkaline. And you can make sure that you wait until after ovulation to attempt to conceive. And when you do make the attempt and have intercourse, you want to use deep penetration. (These things help you to get a boy baby.)

That’s why my answer to the original question is that I don’t think it’s impossible to get a boy. I think it might be very helpful to test your PH and your ovulation and then to respond according to what you find.  (It’s certainly possible to have acidity with four girls. And this is something you can address.)  Sometimes, getting the gender of your choice is all about making sure you make the most of every variable.

Want to learn more about increasing your chances of having a boy doing simple things at home? Conceive a boy is a website I set up to make this process a little easier for couples who want a boy baby. There are step by step instructions and resources that might help. Check it out if you like at http://conceive-a-boy-baby.com/