What Is The Odd / Even Rule For Gender Selection?

I sometimes have people contact me and ask how to implement the “even / odd” rule when trying to get a girl or boy baby.  Quite frankly, when answering, I’ve had to look this up to be sure that I understand it correctly.  These ancient ideas come from various cultures and civilizations and each seem to interpret the “rule” a little differently.

But, as I understand it, the basic premise is this:   There is an Ayurvedic train of thought which indicates that if you conceive on days with even numbers, you are more likely to get a boy.   And if you conceive on days with odd numbers, you are more likely to get a girl.  There is also a train of thought that you should breathe on a specific side of your nose when you wake up in the morning and should lay on one side over another when you go to sleep at night.   However, I get more correspondence about the even and odd days, as this seems to be a concept that is easy to understand and to carry out.

Here is my opinion on the same.  It’s certainly fun to try this, but from a scientific standpoint, I don’t see how it could possibly work.  Your ovulation period (when you can become pregnant) is going to vary from month to month.  One month it might start on an even number and one month it might start on an odd number simply because the months have varying numbers of days.   So limiting yourself to even or odd days are also limiting the amount of days that you have to work with in order to achieve a pregnancy.  These days are already limited, since a woman’s ovulation window only stays open for a small number of days.

Also, the baby’s gender is determined by whether or not an X (female) or Y (boy) sperm chromosome fertilizes the egg.  A man’s sperm contains both of these whether the day is even or odd.  Now, timing can be important in a baby’s gender.  Science tells us that the boy sperm does not live as long, so it’s beneficial to attempt to conceive after ovulation if you want a boy.  Again, there is no way to know if this is going to be on an even or odd number day.  But you want it to happen after you know that you have ovulated.  But once again, if you limit yourself to only even or odd numbers, then you may miss that very small window.

I suppose that whether this strategy is worth a shot or not depends on whether you want to take the scientific route or go another way.  It depends on how important your baby’s gender is to you.  If you just want to have fun and only have a small gender preference or none at all, then the even / odd rule might be fun to try.  But if you are very serious about your preference, then in my opinion, the scientific method has a much greater chance of success.  Because it is taking what we know about the the X and Y sperm and then using methods that whittle down the sperm that you don’t want fertilizing the egg while boosting the sperm that you do want.  This is a very methodical way to help you get the gender that you want and it doesn’t leave nearly as much to chance.

Leaving very little to chance is very important.  And the steps for this is different for each gender.   I’ve listed the steps for each gender on some free blogs.   If you want a boy baby, see  http://conceive-a-boy-baby.comIf you want a girl, see http://conceive-a-girl-baby.com